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We are an affiliate site and may earn money from your purchase. It will not affect how much you pay.
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Why Create A Kroger Shopping List + How To Do It


Shopping at Kroger doesn't need to take a while and it also doesn't need to be super expensive. Making a list will help you organize your thoughts easier and eventually find the products quicker. 

Here are 10 scenarios in which you might want to make a list

    1. Recipe: You want to make something and in order to follow a recipe, you should shop from a list of ingredients.
    2. Party supplies: You were asked to get some specific items for a party or event and you don’t want to forget! Or maybe you are hosting a themed party and need to remember all the supplies you need to buy.
    3. You ran out of something: If you run out of milk/eggs/pasta, just add it to a list. You don’t want to go to make cereal and realize you forgot to replace the milk. Make a list to remember to replace what you used up.
    4. You are busy: If you don’t have time to wander around, you may want to make a list so you can understand what you should buy. It helps to come prepared and having a list will make you a quicker, more efficient shopper.
    5. You’re shopping for someone else: If you are shopping for family, friends or a partner, they will often give you a verbal/written/digital list of things to buy at the grocery store. Kudos to you for helping out.
    6. Buying 10+ items: At some point, our brain makes it hard to remember what products we need to buy. If you just need milk and eggs, don’t make a list. If you are buying all your groceries for the week, you may want to make a list so you don’t forget anything important. It just takes 5 minutes to make a list of what to buy.
    7. Buying the basics: Similar to #6, you may want to make a list you use each week to remember the basic items you should buy. Generally there are certain items you may like to keep in the house that a lot of recipes use (chicken, rice, tomatoes, etc.)
    8. For budgeting purposes: The best way to make sure you don’t go over budget is to have some list of items you usually get and calculate how much everything costs after tax and without discounts. That way you can shop on a budget and your list keeps you on track.
    9. For discipline and accountability: Sticking to a list you made in advance is a good way to stay disciplined. No, you didn’t add flaming hot cheetos to your list so don’t buy it (even if it looks really good). A list will hold you accountable because you are less likely to wander and just buy what you think would taste good or is on sale.
    10. Shopping for your office, business, or bakery: If you are an office manager, you might find yourself making a list of snacks and groceries to buy for the office. Or if you run a store like a bakery, you will need to make a list of all the ingredients you use.

Grocery Shopping App Exclusive Free Access: 

Would you like to use a shopping tool that helps you

► Find all the groceries you want in half the time it normally takes

► Control how much you spend in the grocery store & stick to a budget

► Understand the most efficient way to walk through the grocery store

► Shop easily for family members or for on demand shopping services

► See what products are in or out of stock

► See what products are on sale that you buy frequently

► Get product recommendations based on your profile

If this sounds good, you should try our free web application! Just add items to your list and get an output which is organized by the most efficient shopping path. You can see the total cost of your cart before you even checkout. Plus, you will be able to see what products are in/out of stock, what products you normally buy, and get popular product recommendations.

Are there problems with not making a list?

Not necessarily. If you are only buying a few products or you have time to waste, you can shop without a list. But for me and many other people, we want shopping to be efficient and take as little time as possible. When you make a list, it forces your brain to search for products and add them to your cart. It's way more structured than wandering and adding different products to your list because they look appealing. Making a list is helpful for people on diets trying to avoid temptations of buying products like junk food or soda. When you allow yourself to wander and shop around, you might also end up going over budget. I know some people go to the grocery store without a list looking to only buy a few staple items but they end up leaving with a cart full of groceries that they didn’t budget for.

How to make a great Kroger shopping list

Use AisleSpot! AisleSpot is a way to efficiently shop for groceries and make an organized Kroger Shopping List. It works in 3 steps. 

Step 1: Enter your zip code and search for your local kroger grocery store.

Step 2: Select your store and enter your groceries you want to buy.

Step 3: It will show you an organized list that takes you through the quickest way to buy groceries. Instead of wandering between aisles, you will have a guided shopping journey that tells you A. Where everything is and B. The total cost of your cart as you shop!

Using AisleSpot can save you time and save you money. You won’t end up going to buy eggs, walking to produce, buying cereal, walking back to dairy, then back to produce because you forgot something.

This will tell you the best way to shop and buy everything in one efficient path. Plus, you will have insights into how much you will spend so you can adjust accordingly in real time.

What to consider when adding items to your Kroger shopping list

  1. Shop based on what you ran out of.
  2. Shop based on a recipe you want to try.
  3. Try to add produce to your list if it is in season
  4. Check what’s in stock before you shop!
  5. Check the price of all your groceries before you start shopping so you can adjust for new prices or discounts.

Kroger shopping list made with AisleSpot

Use our Shopping List feature to make it easy to buy the things you use every week. We can save you a lot of time by showing you the best route to take when walking through the store. Enter your zip code, pick your closest store, and then add products you want. Then, this app will automatically sort the products to make sure you walk through the store as efficiently as possible!

Feedback & User Testing

Every great app is only as good as the feedback it gets from customers and users. We would love to have you trial our app for free and provide us feedback! Here is the link to take the customer survey to get more information.


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