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We are an affiliate site and may earn money from your purchase. It will not affect how much you pay.
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40 Best Grocery List Apps & Grocery Shopping Apps

Grocery shopping should be a fun and easy experience. The apps we looked at are guaranteed to improve your shopping experience. Grocery shopping has been around for decades but the iPhone and more specifically grocery shopping apps have not been around for as long. If you want to make grocery shopping easier then learn about these apps. 

This list contains apps that help with everything including finding products in your grocery store, making grocery lists, buying groceries delivered to your door, finding recipes to make, finding coupons for groceries, and more! If you need help with something grocery-related, there is probably an app on this list that can solve it.


Top 40 grocery shopping list apps & grocery delivery apps on the market 2021


1. AisleSpot - Grocery List Maker & Navigation App

best grocery shopping app - aislespot

Let’s say someone gave you a list of 20 products to buy and you go to the grocery store but can’t find them easily… this app is for you. Shopping is inefficient and frustrating, especially because my time is important. When I get a list of things to buy, I use AisleSpot because it organizes the list to give you the most efficient path based on your store

AisleSpot is a web-based app that allows you to find where your items are in a store. Let’s say you go to Kroger and are trying to find 10 items, just add them to your AisleSpot list and you will get a sorted route of what to buy and where to find it. If you put in eggs, chocolate chips, and pancake mix, it’s gonna tell you that for your store you should buy pancake mix first (aisle 3), chocolate chips second (aisle 7), and eggs last (aisle 19 - dairy).

This is the top-rated app on the list for many reasons. It will automatically organize your grocery list by aisle so you can shop faster than ever. It’s simple to use so anyone with a phone can use it (works well on all phones - Android, Apple…) It also will tell you the price of your shopping trip as you add products so you can be sure to stay on budget. Plus, it recommends products based on your previous shopping trips and saves your lists so you can shop for the same products over and over. 

As an additional premium feature, you can pay to get in-stock notifications. Like if Kroger just ran out of your favorite soda, we can let you know as soon as the product hits the shelves. 

Lastly, right now this app only works at Kroger but you should sign up to get notified when it will work at other stores like Costco, Target, Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Publix, Price Chopper, and more.

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2. Instacart - Grocery Delivery App

instacart grocery delivery app

Instacart is a great grocery delivery service for busy people or people without cars. You just select what items you want to buy and when you want them delivered. Then Instacart will send a driver to pick your order, drive it to your house and drop it off. It adds about $10-15 to your grocery bill but I think it’s worth it.

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3. Whisk - Grocery Recipe To List App

Whisk is a grocery list company with a twist. They have communities of people providing recipes like Allrecipes.com but on the recipe, you can add it to your shopping list or even buy all the ingredients directly from Instacart. Now, it’s out with its new cross-platform experience, which includes a website, mobile apps, and a voice assistant, all designed to make it easier to meal plan, make and share lists, and, finally, shop. It’s a way to save the recipes you find elsewhere.

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4. Anylist - Grocery Store List App

Anylist is a grocery store list-making app. It has an autocomplete feature that suggests items as you type and then it categorizes the list to help you shop. You can also easily share lists through email and instantly see any changes they make. Anylist is a great way to create and share grocery shopping lists.

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5. Mealime - Meal Planning App

If you want a simple meal planning app, I would recommend Mealime which is a competitor of Whisk. Mealime allows you to browse recipes based on your likes, dislikes, or dietary preferences. Then just click a button to add the ingredients on the recipe to a shopping list.

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6. Our Groceries

At its core, it’s a list-making app and allows for real-time collaboration. This is great when you are shopping for multiple people or a partner. It does some basic sorting by the department but that’s about it. 

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7. Bring!

Yet another grocery list sharing app. This one is great for potlucks or organized events where you want to plan what everyone will bring to the event. I like that it makes lists for events or places. Like I can make a list of office food, party food, and home food! Clever idea for a grocery shopping app.

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8. Amazon

Yeah, you heard that right. I think the Amazon app is one of the best ways to buy groceries as well. Everyone is very familiar with the interface and you can buy fresh foods from Whole Foods! Amazon Fresh is a service that I believe will grow a lot in the future.

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9. Yummly

Looking for new recipe ideas? Yummly asks what food cultures you like, what dietary restrictions you have, and what food looks good. They have a monthly subscription that gives personalized content, meal planning, and recipe scheduling features. There are some cool features like the fact you can scan an ingredient using your camera and it will tell you some recipes using it. The recipes also have guided videos and directions which is nice.

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10. Kroger

The Kroger app is a fantastic app designed for Kroger. You can browse deals, find products and buy them from the store closest to you. You can make lists, check prices, view fuel points, and more. If you shop at Kroger, then it might be helpful to have the Kroger App.

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11. Flash Food

If you buy discounted food at the grocery store, check out this app. They help you find items marked down because they are nearing their expiration date. This app has a lot of midwest appeal because it works at Giant Eagle, Tops Friendly Markets, Family Fare, Martin’s, and Stop and shop. If you need some good grocery deals and live in the midwest, check it out.

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12. Cozi Family Organizer

This app is for families and does a lot of things in addition to helping create grocery shopping lists. You can keep track of your family’s calendar, make grocery shopping and to-do lists, and organize all of your recipes in one app. This is a helpful app for moms and families.

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13. Shopping List Ease

This is another grocery list app that allows you to collaborate with other people in real-time. It has some cool features like scanning a barcode item to add it to your list and knowing when you are going to run out of a specific grocery item. It’s a good grocery app to have!

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14. Flipp

Flipp aggregates weekly ads from over 200 stores so you can save a lot of money. They show local deals in a wide variety of areas (grocery, pet care, electronics, pharmacy, and more). You can also search items to find deals and make an organized shopping list.

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15. Recipe keeper

Remember opening the kitchen drawer and being flooded with a list of 100+ recipes scribbled on napkins, notebooks, and cookbooks? This app keeps all your recipes in one place: your phone. You can scan recipes from photos, edit recipes, generate shopping carts for your recipe, and more! 

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16. Food Network Kitchen App

This app has a strong reputation because it is such a powerful cooking brand. The food network is an amazing website and app offering which can help you find the best recipes created by professionals and amateurs. Plus, they added content so you can watch video recipes and read posts designed to help you become a better chef!

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17. Grocery List

While this app has a generic name, the features are anything but ordinary. This is an easy-to-use, family-friendly grocery shopping app that organizes your list and creates a checklist. You can reuse existing lists, sync lists, create your categories, and more.

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18. Out of Milk 

Tracking your grocery lists has never been easier with Out of Milk. With over 5 million downloads, Out of Milk will organize your grocery lists for you. Share your lists with friends, or get synced with them, Out of Milk has it all. 

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19. Listinoc

Everyone wants to shop faster and easier, so Listonic considered that when developing this simple app. This app can suggest your favorite groceries to buy based on previous purchases which make creating the list easier. You can control your spending by seeing the total price at the end of your shopping trip. Over 8 million products are added to Listonic every month.

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20. Grocery - Smart Shopping List

This is a simple app that mirrors the look of your iPhone notepad and helps you create great lists which can help you shop fast. This product works on the Apple Watch and you can add items by saying “Hey Siri, add eggs to my list and it will add it (after you set up Siri Shortcuts). It’s a cool app but it has a learning curve so if you aren’t tech-savvy, it may not be for you. 

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21. SimpListic - Easy Grocery List

As the name suggests, this app makes creating grocery lists a breeze. With smart lists, you’re able to add grocery items, their quantities, and even add notes to them. Another feature I like is ‘Item History’ which allows you to save all your past grocery lists if you would like to look back on them and repurchase your groceries. 

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22. SHOPPPY Grocery List by Voice

Shopping List Voice Input is one of the top-rated grocery shopping ads on the market, and for good reason - the ability to create shopping lists without even touching your device. Isn’t that neat? This is a really helpful app for you when you are on the go!

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23. List Maker

This is an app for all lists, not just grocery-related. While it’s a perfect way to keep track of what to buy, you can also use it for things like exercise or a moving list. It’s the iPhone notepad but with a better design and the ability to create reminders for your list. 

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24. Shared Grocery List Plan App

This app does exactly what you need it to - create and share lists with your family or friends. Whenever you notice an item that needs restocking, simply add it to the list and whoever you’ve shared the list with will be notified. I would recommend this app but it can be buggy at times.

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25. Grocery list with Sync - Buy Me a Pie

This app has over 6 million users which are very impressive and works like a regular grocery shopping list would. A lot of features are great with this app like the ability to make lists on iPhone/iPad, add product groupings by category, drag and drop list-making, crossed out sorting, Siri integration, self-learning dictionary, and more!

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26. Grocery Gadget

Let’s say you want to grab a pack of beer at Target, cookies at Kroger, and chips at Meijer. Well, this app allows you to create lists across stores and compare things like prices across stores which is innovative. The last cool thing is that this app learns how you shop and automatically rearranges products based on that. 

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27. Food Checklist - Groceries Expiration and Shopping

Keep your groceries in check as this app allows you to track when your groceries are about to expire. Go even further with keeping your groceries neat by organizing them into their storage places. Never forget what you’ve bought ever again!

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28. Shoppylist - Grocery List

This is a good shopping list app with all the normal bells and whistles that you may have read about above with these similar apps. This app just has a good foundation that keeps customers happy and attracts positive reviews. You can customize product icons that are unique to this app. Plus it gets updated regularly and is beautiful. 

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29. Pantry Check 

This is more of a household inventory system that keeps you up to date on what you have and what you need to buy. You can track up to 200 products and use features like auto expiration date reminders, price estimates for shopping trips, real-time family syncing, and more (all for free).

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30. Grocery Shopping List - Cloud

This app has 500 products you can easily click from to add to your list and it’s easy to delete items or change order quantities. You can choose some beautiful themes and colors for your app display. Share your list in the cloud so other people can access it as well. The only bad part is the ads can be a bit pesky.

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31. SideChef: Recipes, Meal Planner, Grocery Shopping

Pick a recipe and create a grocery list automatically with SideChef. It’s well designed, plus its full-screen cooking view carries you through recipes step by step. The only downside is that it tends to crash when trying to view bookmarked recipes. 

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32. Shopping List: Simple List App

The power of this app lies in its simplistic design. Why complicate a list app? This app makes it easy to just add products to a list so you don’t need to be a genius to use it. It’s intuitive and everyone can use it but it does lack some good features that most apps have.

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33. Hello Fresh

This is a great app where you can get food kits delivered to your house on a subscription basis. You set your food preferences and choose the quantity. It’s great for a college student eating alone or a busy parent wanting to cook for the entire family. I’ve had friends use this service and like it. Unfortunately, my friend stopped using it because he wasn’t made of money and couldn’t reasonably keep spending money for this.

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34. Blue Apron

This is another app like Hello Fresh where you can get meal kits delivered straight to your house. It will teach you how to make tasty recipes that fit your cooking level and diet. The only bad part is that using a service like this for a long time can add up to be a huge cost.

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35. Plan to Eat: Meal Planner & Grocery List 

Similar to SideChef, Plan to Eat allows you to save recipes digitally. Said to be a gamechanger by many, this app makes meal planning fun. No more losing random recipes and writing lists.

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36. Cooklist: Pantry to recipes 

This is a meal planner, recipe creator, shopping list, grocery delivery app all in one. If you are bad if keeping track of what you have in the house and how it can make a recipe, then this app is for you.

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37. Meal board - Meal planner

This app helps you with meal planning, list-making, recipe management, and pantry inventory. At its core, it’s a good grocery shopping app that creates a list and tells you good recipes to make! 

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38. Home Food Storage

For only $3, you can get this app which is another pantry organization app. You can scan items' barcodes to add them or manually type them into your database. You can keep track of purchases and set up databases of food storage for multiple areas in your house. 

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39. That Shopping List 

Those familiar with Out of Milk will feel right at home with That Shopping List. It’s a handy app that does everything from creating, organizing, to sharing lists. A feature that I love is that you can get your friends to add to your lists as well. 

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40. Meal ID - Meal Prep Planner

This app builds a personalized meal plan for you so you can reach your fitness goals. You can create a daily or weekly meal to achieve goals like weight loss or muscle gain. Save money from eating out and get in shape with Meal ID.

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