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#1 Trusted Guide On The Amazon Prime Student Discount (2021)

Amazon Prime is a well-known service that millions of people take advantage of for faster shipping and more. The service is costly though and not everyone is willing to pay for it. If you're a student you probably don't have a bunch of extra money available, which is why you should know about the Amazon Prime student discount. College students can get a huge discount on Amazon Prime and enjoy most of the program's best features at a fraction of the original cost. 



Is there an Amazon Prime Student Discount? 

If you've heard someone mention the Amazon Prime student discount before you're probably curious if the discount actually exists, what it looks like, and if it's worth the cost. The good news is that there is a generous discount for students that want access to Amazon Prime. Students get a 6-month free trial of Prime and once they're finished with the trial they'll enjoy 50% of the standard cost throughout their school career. This is a huge discount and it makes a Prime subscription an even better value. This discount is available to all current students and it's a huge bonus versus paying the full price for a Prime membership. 

What Does the Student Version of Amazon Prime Cost?

Students only have to pay about $60 per year for Amazon Prime after going through their 6-month discount. Compared to the $12.99 per month or $119.00 per year that the standard subscription costs, the student version of prime is an excellent value. 

If you decide to sign up for the student trial of Amazon Prime it's important to write down the day that it expires. Once the trial runs out you'll be charged for a full year of Student Prime, which means you'll be charged about $60 all at once. This can be quite a shock if you forget the charge is coming. By writing down the date the trial runs out you can prepare for the charge and decide if you want to keep using Amazon Prime or if you want to cancel it before you're charged. 

How to Qualify for the Amazon Prime Student Discount

If you're interested in the perks offered by Amazon Prime, you only have to go through a few short steps in order to claim the Amazon Prime student discount. The important thing is that you're a current or upcoming student and that you have access to a school email address. As long as that's true, you can enjoy the discount after going through the steps outlined below. 

Step 1

Visit the Prime Student sign-up page. You can do so by clicking this link.

Step 2

Once the sign-up form is loaded on your screen, input your information and submit the form. Your new Amazon Prime student account has been created. Be sure to add your student email address into the sign-up form in order to qualify for an account. Once your trial account is activated it will last until you graduate from college, you reach the date you inputted or you click to cancel your subscription. 

Step 3

After you submit the form to create your account you have to verify that you are the owner of the student email address you provided. To do this you sign into your account and click on the verification email inside. Once your account is verified it's ready for you to begin using. 

After going through these short steps you'll have a fully functional Amazon Prime student account. You can use it to enjoy most of the benefits of Amazon Prime and unlock the exclusive student benefits as we

Featured Products for College Students

As a college student, you're expected to get a lot done. Having the right tools and equipment will make keeping up with college demands infinitely easier to do. See some of the top products recommended to college students below and learn which purchases can improve your college experience. 

Large Matein College Backpack

This is an excellent backpack for college students looking for a durable way to transport books, electronics, and more across campus. The bag is designed with long-term durability in mind, and it comes with a built-in laptop for up to a 17-inch laptop. This backpack also features a pocket for a battery pack along with a cord port for convenient charging on the go. It's available in multiple colors and also works as a carry-on at the airport for traveling convenience. 

Natures Sleep Thick Aircool IQ Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper


Upgrade your dorm room bedroom with a top-quality memory foam topper and sleep better than you have in a long time. This simple memory foam topper is infused with gel to help keep you cool while you sleep. It's shipped in a compact bundle and expands once it's open and ready to use. This mattress topper expands to an impressive 3-inch depth and can be applied over most standard beds with good results. The topper is made from visco-elastic foam and it offers an impressive level of support while adding comfort to most sleep surfaces. The topper is designed to reduce pressure points while sleeping and can improve the quality of sleep for most users. 

Portable Battery



Add a portable battery to your backpack will help get all your different devices through the day. Whether you want to keep your phone topped up, or you have tablets you use regularly, putting this RAVPower pack into your backpack is an excellent idea. With this battery pack, you can conveniently recharge two different devices at the same time. This pack also includes a fast-charge feature if you have a compatible USB-C fast-charge cord. Attach the high-powered cord and recharge the battery bank in just over four hours. 

By investing in one or more of the above products you'll improve your college experience and remain more prepared for what life sends your way. Each item offers a serious benefit in college and when you get them on Amazon you can enjoy rapid shipping to your house so you're ready for school. 

What are the Student Specific Benefits of Amazon Prime?

Every Amazon Prime holder enjoys a range of benefits, but student members get some specific benefits that other members don't. These benefits are discounts with certain vendors, on textbooks, and on specific offers that only students can get. The discounts create some impressive opportunities to save on services and products as long as you look for them and make use of them when they're available. 

Deals with Partnering Vendors

Amazon works with different vendors such as Dell in order to get discounts for students on books, computers, and helpful services. College student members get discounts on lots of items including phone cases, clothing, groceries, health items, personal care items, and more. With all these exclusive offers there are lots of ways to save money on your purchases with this membership. There are many current deals in place, but Amazon is always working on more as well and offers new opportunities to get excited about all the time. Try to only use the program to help you save on purchases you were already planning to make for the very best results. 

Save up to 90% on Textbook Purchases

Textbooks cost students hundreds of dollars every semester, but there are ways to save on those costs. Amazon Prime is one of the tools available to students to help them spend less. Amazon Prime offers students access to discounted textbooks, used books, and textbook rentals, making it easier to get the books you need for less. The platform has a simple search box that accepts the ISBN, Author, or title of the book to help you find what you need. Enter in your book information and save versus purchasing textbooks through the school store or other sources. 

Amazon Music Discount

Student Prime members get access to a discount on Amazon Music. Instead of the standard $4.99 per month cost, students get the service for just $0.99 per month. There are over 60 million songs in the membership and it's similar to other well-known music streaming services. 

There are many different product and service discounts available to college students using Prime. If you qualify for the student Prime discount you should pay attention to these exclusive offers so you can take advantage of them. Just the textbook savings alone could help you make up the cost of the membership, especially at the discounted rate it's offered to students. 


What Perks Do You Get with Amazon Prime?

Whether you use the Amazon Prime student discount in order to get your hands on Prime or you pay the full subscription cost, you'll have access to many of the same features. Not only will you enjoy the benefits above, but you'll get your hands on all of the following as well. 

Better Shipping Options - Amazon Day and Two-Day

One of the best perks of Amazon Prime, and the main reason people sign up for the service in the first place, is the faster shipping times. Get the service and you'll immediately have access to thousands of items with two-day shipping. You'll also enjoy the option to upgrade shipments to one-day shipping for a small fee if the items are eligible. Amazon also recently implemented Amazon Day deliveries. Prime members select one day of the week and their items are delivered on that day for free. Between each of these fast shipment options, it's easier to get the things you order when you have Prime. 

Prime Video - Get Access to Millions of Movies and Shows

Prime members get access to Prime Video, a streaming service similar to NetFlix. This service is home to millions of movies, TV-shows, and Prime Video exclusives. This subscription can be enhanced with HBO, Showtime, and other services for even more entertainment opportunities. Prime Video is a powerful media tool that offers access to some highly entertaining media. 

Early Access to Lightning Deals

Amazon offers special Lightning deals to visitors on a daily basis. These are limited-quantity sales that usually sell out quickly at a fraction of the original price. Any Prime holder gets a 30-minute head start with the deals, making it easier to get your hands on one of the products that sell out rapidly. With new deals being added on a daily basis these time-limited offers make the membership even more valuable. 

Prime Reading - Access 1,000s of Books, Comics and Magazines

Get access to thousands of different books and more with Prime Reading. This service is included with all versions of Amazon Prime and makes it easy for members to read loads of books and more. Many of the books include Audible Narration, making it easy to switch between reading and listening to your books. New books are featured each month so there is always something to read. 

Amazon Photos - Unlimited Photo Storage

Get access to unlimited storage for all your high-definition photos as an Amazon Prime member. It doesn't matter if you use the Amazon Prime student discount or not, you can load as many different photos as you like into this service and keep all your photos where they will be easily accessible. The service allows you to store up to 5 GB of videos as well, but you'll have to pay for additional video storage. With Amazon Photos you can also order photo prints, products and more to make the most of all your different pictures and to help you look back on your memories. 

Amazon Prime is a powerful service and a good value for most people that use it. Whether you want access to fast shipping, you're interested in the reading benefits or you want to use the streaming service, most people can benefit from having a Prime account and you can get the Amazon Prime student discount by going through just a few simple steps. Go through the process yourself and enjoy all the features you get from your Student Prime membership. 

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