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Best New and Used Cybex Arc Trainer for Sale 2021

Best New and Used Cybex Arc Trainer for Sale 2021

What is a Cybex Arc Trainer?

A Cybex Arc Trainer is similar in many ways to an elliptical machine, but it's optimized to reduce the impact on the user even further while offering a more natural movement. Arc trainers are exercising machines that take users through a gliding motion similar to cross country skiing or even rock climbing at higher inclines. The device has you swinging your feet and arms back and forth, rather than moving them in a circular motion. Arc Trainers are more costly than ellipticals, but they're known for burning more calories, causing less impact on the body, and working more effectively for weight loss and for developing cardiovascular fitness. 

Here are the Best Used Cybex Arc Trainers of 2021. 

Cybex 630A Arc Trainer For Sale - Review

Cybex 630A Arc Trainer (Renewed)


The Cybex 630A Arc Trainer is a full-body machine that offers a good variety of resistance levels, while providing smooth performance and a nice range of features. Even though this is considered to be more of an entry-level device in the Arc Trainer lineup, it's a capable machine and a powerful tool for achieving an effective full-body workout. 

Workout with up to 900 watts of electromagnetic resistance while adjusting through 11 different incline options for the optimal level of difficulty every workout. The trainer comes with a good mix of different workout programs, including manual mode, Weight Loss, Cardio, Interval, Hill and Strength and Quick Start. It features a split-level LED display that tracks METs, strides per minute, heart rate, distance, calories and more. The 630A is compatible with contact and wireless heart rate monitor devices and supports users up to 300 lbs in weight to accept a wide range of body types. It's an excellent piece of workout machinery and offers commercial strength and performance in your home or gym. This unit can be self-powered with batteries or plugged into an AC adapter for power, and it's 60-inches tall by 81-inches long and fits into most home gyms. 


Cybex 750AT Arc Trainer For Sale - Review

CYBEX 750AT Total Body Arc Trainer (Renewed)


The Cybex 750AT Arc Trainer is a step up in price, performance and capabilities over the 630A model. This product has a wider range of resistances and programs, and it's built to support an even higher maximum weight. With a total of 21 different incline levels and 17 different programs to choose from, you can work exactly as hard as you like each time you start a workout. 

Like the 630A, this unit also offers up to 900 watts of resistance, but with more inclines to choose from you have more precision difficulty levels to select from. This model comes with a split-level display as well, but it gives you access to a total of 8 preset programs and 9 custom programs to choose from. Select from the mix of different workout types while gaining benefits that you can achieve from an elliptical, a skier and a climbing machine in one. 

The Cybex 750AT Trainer accepts batteries and can be conveniently positioned anywhere in the room during operation. 

This rugged machine is built to commercial-grade specifications and can withstand a user-weight of up to 400 lbs. It's also 50 lbs. Lighter than the 630A, making it slightly easier to adjust and relocate. It's slightly more compact at 37-inches wide and 63-inches tall, and brings the best of low-impact workouts straight to your home. 

Cybex Arc Trainer 770AT For Sale - Review

Cybex Arc Trainer 770AT For Sale - Review

The Cybex 770AT Arc Trainer is a top-end training machine designed to work your entire body while adding in some nice features that make training more enjoyable. The unit offers the same resistance range from 15 watts to 900 watts, and it gives you 21 incline levels like the 750AT, but it offers an increased stride length to accommodate taller users. This unit comes loaded with a water bottle holder, magazine rack and utility tray, and it makes it easy to keep your phone, water and other useful accessories within reach during your workout. 

This unit is equipped with a beautiful 4.3" touchscreen display that tracks distance, METs, heart rate, resistance, strides per minute, calories and more. It connects with Polar Wireless heart rate monitors as well as contact heart rate monitors. This unit is designed to generate its own power and doesn't require an AC plug to function. The product comes with a wide range of custom and built-in workout programs. Choose from several weight loss programs, as well as multiple cardio workouts, shaping programs and adaptive power training. This unit also features a Cybex muscle map visual motivator and it comes with a set of wheels in the front for easy repositioning. 

This trainer is designed with heavy-duty steel construction and supports users that are up to 400 lbs. in weight.  While this trainer is very similar to the Cybex 750AT, the 770AT comes with increased media connectivity thanks to its improved display and it's an ideal workout tool for personal and commercial use. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cybex Arc Trainer a good workout?

The Cybex Arc Trainer offers a comfortable low-impact workout that can burn calories at a rate of about 16% more than most ellipticals on the market during the same period of time. 

Is the Arc Trainer bad for knees?

The Arc Trainer is carefully designed to mimic natural body movements and to avoid major impacts making it an ideal tool for crosstraining and for users that want to go easy on their knees. 

Is Arc Trainer better than elliptical?

An Arc Trainer helps users burn calories more efficiently than an elliptical does while reducing the impact on the body at the same time. 

What does the Cybex Arc Trainer do?

The Cybex Arc Trainer takes users through a natural swinging motion that moves the feet and arms through a back and forth motion while delivering even resistance to the user. 

Is Arc Trainer better than treadmill?

An Arc Trainer isn't likely to match the calorie burn levels that you can achieve on a treadmill while exercising for a similar duration and intensity, but arc trainers reduce the impact on your joints while promoting better full-body exercise. You'll work your upper and lower body at the same time, which isn't achieved at the same level on a treadmill. 

How long should I do the Arc Trainer?

Fitness experts recommend using an Arc Trainer, or another cross-training device for at least five 30-minute sessions each week for optimal results, and many users try for the higher end of the recommended range for up to 60 minutes of exercise during those five workouts. 

What are the benefits of the Arc Trainer?

The Arc Trainer promotes cardiovascular health, muscle development, lung development while putting a low amount of stress on the joints and bones of the body. It's a great full body workout with low impact and low chance of injury. 

How many calories do you burn on an Arc Trainer?

Researchers found that healthy men burn about 10.8 calories per minute while working on the Arc Trainer, compared to about 9.3 calories per minute while on an elliptical. 

What is the best Arc Trainer?

The best Arc Trainer is the unit that matches your needs optimally. The Cybex 770AT offers the most features overall, but the Cybex 630A Arc Trainer still provides an excellent workout for most people. 

How much does a new Cybex Arc Trainer cost?

The price of these commercial-grade machines ranges, but you should expect to invest a decent amount of money for one of these machines that will help you exercise for a decade or longer. 

Is Cybex good for weight loss?

The Cybex Arc Trainer is a powerful tool for weight loss because it enables people of various fitness levels to burn a high number of calories while putting less stress on their bodies over time.

Is Arc Trainer good for weight loss?

Yes, the Arc Trainer helps users burn a greater number of calories and it's low-impact design helps users stick with their workouts over time for better results. 

What is ARC training?

ARC training when talking about an Arc Trainer is performing a workout following a gliding motion while on the machine. Many rock climbers perform a routine known as ARC training that challenges them to complete an endurance climbing session that enhances their anaerobic endurance. 

Is the Arc Trainer an elliptical?

No, although it looks similar an Arc Trainer is designed differently than an elliptical and feels much different to use. It feels more natural and takes the body through more of a gliding motion, rather than the stepping motion of an elliptical. 

Is an ascent trainer the same as an Arc Trainer?

An ascent trainer is very different than an Arc Trainer because it takes the body through more of a high stepping motion rather than a gliding motion. 

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