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7 Best Pool Tables For Home Use in 2022

best pool table for home use

Pool tables offer an amazing means of relaxation with family or friends. It provides an unlimited amount of fun regardless of what level you are beginning at.  Getting a quality table can be tricky as there are many types with a lot of different features and prices to choose from.

Good knowledge of these types would help choose the best pool table that suits you and gives the maximal value when relaxing with friends and family.

What Is a Good Pool Table For Home Use?

A good pool table for home use considers the size, the quality of material, and the aesthetic offered by a product. These factors combine with the cost.

Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table

The Hathaway Fairmount pool table combines these features with an amazing pool playing experience. It fits well to accommodate home spaces and is easily set up and transported. It is especially kids-friendly, working well for leisure and learning to play.

Here is a list of the 7 best pool tables for home use:

1. Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5' Billiard Table


This space-saving table comes at 6.5ft enabling it to fit into smaller spaces. It has a leg leveler for adjusting the table on an unbalanced surface. This table complements almost any interior design with a stylish bamboo laminate exterior. There are a lot of accessories that enhance the whole experience for home use.

2. Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table



This portable table is highly rated for its amazing features. It comes with foldable steel legs that make for easy transportation within a rip-resistant nylon carry bag. The 6 ft structure and leg leveler offers an amazing opportunity for children who are learning the game.

3. Barrington Billiards Arlington 100" Billiard Table



Barrington is well known for its world-class design. A touch of this has been put into the design of the Arlington Billiard with an amazing ball and claw leg design. A leather drop bag adds a stylish hue to its appearance adding elegance to a wonderful game experience.

4. Hathaway Spartan 6-Ft Pool & Table Tennis Multigame Table



This mid-size Multigame Table combines pool with table tennis. The lightweight table tennis top easily fits the table frame allowing for rapid conversion.

It has a classic design with Black melamine and a modern burgundy table giving it a sterling appearance. Its kid-friendly structure makes it an excellent choice for family and friends.

5. EastPoint Sports Billiard Pool Table 87 Inch



With a traditional design, this table makes for a nice addition to a home setup. A leveler allows easy adjustment to suit the room's topography. The design features claw feet and parlor style drop pocket. The table comes with wonderful accessories to complete the setup.

6. GoSports 6ft or 7ft Billiards Table - Portable Pool Table


This table comes in a portable 6 or 7ft size that can fit into small spaces. It possesses a foldable leg that allows for easy setup and storage. Constructed using a heavy-duty steel frame, the table has amazing stability during gameplay. It has a smooth surface for the smoothest of experiences.

7. American Legend Kirkwood 90” Billiard Table


This pool table stands out with its rustic finish and k-shaped leg construction giving a stunning appearance. It has a 90” dimension that gives a large space for competitive play. The table has amazing features including concealed drop pockets, molded corner protection, and shims for balance on any surface.


What Are The Best Pool Table Brands?

Considering the brand of pool table is a very important factor to consider when purchasing one. The brand determines the design, quality of material, and functionality when a smooth play is required. Some brands specialize in producing high-end materials that are costly while others offer value at a great budget. The best pool table brands combine all these factors to produce an awesome design and experience for consumers.

Here is a list of some of the best brands

1. Presidential Billiards

This popular American brand is known for producing quality modern, classical and small pool tables. Amazing craftsmanship goes into the production of its table to bring out the elegance of the wooden material used. With a lot of experience in the billiard business, they are a force to reckon with when it comes to making pool tables.

2. Brunswick pool tables

Brunswick is known for its quality production and distribution of different products with over a century of experience. They produce some of the best billiards and game accessories. This is a go-to brand when looking to get a great pool table that will stand the test of time.

 3. Barrington Billiards

Their amazing products stand out in the billiard industry with the way they incorporate elegance into their design. Their stylish traditional design is a beauty to behold and always on point in any setting.

 4. Hathaway

Hathaway is known for producing family-friendly portable pool tables with great designs and durability. Its Fairmount and Spartan pool tables are popular and highly rated among lovers of the game.

5. Mizerak

Mizerak is popular for its cheap model pool tables. This does not compromise the quality as it continues to be a favorite when one is on a tight budget. Even though it has more costly models, the cheaper ones are great for a family who needs them just for fun.

6. Imperial

The quality of products made by this brand has stood the test of time after over 50 years of service. They have a wide range of distribution making their products easily accessible to customers. The trust earned through the decades has made this brand one of the favorites when making a choice of a pool table.

7. Olhausen

A popular name in the industry, Olhausen is known for manufacturing amazing pool tables that can be used both at home and commercially. They make different designs of pool tables that come at different prices. It makes up for its high cost through its elegance and durability.


What Is The Best Size Pool Table To Get?

The size of a pool is an important aspect to consider when buying a pool table. The best size of the pool table depends on the location and space available. A suitable pool table should fit the room perfectly making way for players to shoot from all angles. An additional consideration is also made for children and accessories that might come with the table.

Small-sized 6ft tables

Small-sized pool tables like the 6ft table are recommended for their space-saving features for homes and other smaller spaces. A pool table of this size also makes it easy for kids and teens to learn the game. Portable and foldable tables are mobile and best suited for get-away.

7ft Bar tables

The 7ft tables are called the bar box due to their popularity among local bars. It can serve as an ideal first home pool table and usually fits into most spaces. It is good for casual players who might be looking to improve their skills as its strikes a balance between a small 6ft table and a larger table used by professionals.

8ft and 9ft tables

The 8ft tables are called tournament tables. They are a favorite among serious pool players who want to replicate the size of tables they play outside in their homes.

9ft pool tables

9ft tables are the standard used in regulation tournaments and are the best choice for experienced players who love playing on long tables. There is a lesser clustering but it is more difficult for beginners who would have to make longer shots.


How Much Is a Pool Table For Your House?

A pool table is an amazing addition to a home as it provides an opportunity for indoor relaxation. However, the price of a pool table is an important factor when deciding to get one. Pool tables come at various prices with an average cost of $2000. Many good tables fall below or above this price depending on the factors being considered.

The main factors impacting the price include the size of the table, the cabinet material and design, the grade of the felt material, and the special features included.

Toy tables and basic tables are an excellent choice for home use when looking for relaxation on a great budget. Toy tables range from $600 to-1200 and are amazing for kids and guests. The average playtime is 5 years due to the quality of materials used.

Basic tables are an upgrade from the toy tables. They are priced from $1200-2500 and are more durable, lasting over a decade. They also come with some better features when it comes to design and playing experience. They are an amazing choice for home use.



What Is The Most Popular Pool Table Size?

Size plays a huge role when it comes to the choice of a pool table. Among experienced players, larger table size is generally favored as it affords a greater playing space. However, this is dependent on the available space. It is thought that a 7ft or 8 ft table is a great fit for home use even for beginners.

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