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We are an affiliate site and may earn money from your purchase. It will not affect how much you pay.
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Skullcandy Crusher 2014 Over Ear Headphone Review

Skullcandy is a phenomenal music technology brand that makes quality earbuds and headphone. They came out with these headphones in 2014 which shook the universe. These headphones have a massive appeal due to the shockingly vibrant bass that you can feel in your bones. They range from around $70-100 for a pair which has helped them build a younger fan base.



Portable and comfortable headphones  

These headphones come in a variety of colors like white, black, red, camo, and other prints. Their comfortable design ensures you will enjoy listening to music for hours at a time. They have a portable design due to their ability to fold and fit in a travel pack or backpack. The top of the headphones have a plastic band with rigids on it which help grip your head. It seems like it would be uncomfortable but it doesn’t really feel that way. The ear cups are made with synthetic leather which feels nice against your ears and head.

Headphone size and sound

They are a larger pair of headphones that fit over your ear! The reason they are so large is because they are home to two drivers and one amplifier. Inside, you will see that each ear is battery powered and at the bottom, you will see chrome grills and the standard audio input. These have a nice rattling sound when the bass feature is turned up but can also sound kind of hollow at times. The vocals sound a little distant with low volume but you can hear them more if you turn up the volume.

Bass feature on the SkullCandy Crusher 2014 Headphones

This feature that Skull Candy warned us about is amazing! I love bass and these headphones provide so much bass that is unlike any other headphone brand. These headphones deliver on the extreme bass while their sound quality is a little bit subpar.

Are These SkullCandy Crush Headphones Worth It?

Yes! If you love extreme bass then these are a cool pair of headphones to try out. Their price point makes them a competitive option because they are cheaper than something like Airpods which are $200+. If you are a really experienced headphone connoisseur then these might not provide the quality that an expensive pair might. Imagine you are in a car with subwoofers that would blow the roof off. That is a good way to describe these headphones. I would recommend these as a gift for a middle school, high school student, or college student! That is a time in our life when we want to listen to music with a bunch of bass like MAAD City and just vibe. When you turn down the bass, you’ll realize the sound quality isn’t fantastic but it’s not terrible either. 

What makes a good pair of headphones? 

A pair of headphones can be good if

  1. They have good sound quality so you can hear the vocals, instruments and music clearly.
  2. Fit your head and are comfortable.
  3. Stay on so you can listen to music on the go or while exercising.
  4. Have a decent price point where they aren’t considered cheap but aren’t $1000+.
  5. Won’t break on impact and are flexible. Dropping them on the ground or putting them in your backpack won’t damage them.
  6. Has some sort of bass so you can hear some vibrations and the punch of the drums and bass. 


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