Awesome Seo Trick

Awesome SEO Trick! Today, I want to share an awesome SEO Trick on how to rank on google within minutes. This trick involves using Google Search Console and you must have a website to do it.  I want to show you my process of ranking quickly! I made half of a blog post, ranked it using this formula and then finished writing it. You can expect to learn about my SEO trick which led me to rank in spot 4/5 for Awesome SEO Trick within 10 minutes of creating it. Btw, I published the page at 2:30. Requested indexing at...

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Kristen Cerne Wins 2019 Columbus Innovator Of The Year Award

Kristen Cerne Announced as a Winner in The 2019 Columbus Innovator Of The Year Award (Pictured above: Kristen Cerne, 2019 Innovation Winner)    Columbus, Ohio - November 7, 2019. Kristen Cerne has been named a winner in The 2019 Innovator of The Year Award, honoring best-in-class learning and development initiatives within the entrepreneurship community. Parker Marker will name the 2019 award winners at the 1st Annual Parker Marker Conference.  

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