How Much is Samsung Galaxy S20 - 2021 Cost Breakdown

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra Compared Specs, Camera, 5G

Are you looking for a new Samsung phone because the Samsung Galaxy S20 is worth considering. At a reasonable price point for a phone, we think this phone is worth buying.

 How much does the Samsung Galaxy S20 phone cost?

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 5G 128 GB: $539.99

How much is the Samsung Galaxy S20+?

  • Samsung Galaxy S20+ 128 GB: $749.99

How much is the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra 5g?

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G Ultra 128 GB: $1,390.00


Samsung Galaxy S20 phone features

  • Pro-Grade Camera: The Samsung Galaxy S20 fe mobile phone features high-powered pro lenses for beautiful portraits, stunning landscapes and crisp close-ups in any light with its 3x optical zoom
  • 30x Space Zoom: Whether you want your cellphone to zoom in close from afar or magnify details of something nearby, 30x space zoom gives you the power to get closer
  • Night Mode: Capture crisp images and vibrant video with night mode and create high-quality content in low light — no flash required with this smartphone
  • Single-Take AI: One tap of the screen captures multiple images and video all at once; lenses, effects and filters capture the best of every moment, every time
  • Power of 5g: Get next-level power for everything you love to do with Samsung Galaxy 5g; more sharing, more gaming, more experiences and never miss a beat
  • Connector Type: USB Type C
  • Display Size: 6.5 inches

How to turn off Samsung Galaxy S20

You can turn off you Samsung Galaxy S20 easily in 3 steps!

  1. Open or turn on your Samsung Galaxy S20
  2. When you want to turn it off, go to the the quick settings pane.
  3. In the quick settings, you will find a power icon. Simply click the icon then choose whether you can power off or restart.


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