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Cryptopunk NFT Complete Guide 2021

Welcome! In this article, we will have a question and answer about everything Cryptopunk. If you have a question, we can try to answer it!

Question 1: Where to buy Cryptopunks?

This is pretty easy to answer. They are sold all over but the best place to buy Cryptopunks is Open Sea. You can bid on Cryptopunks or just buy them! Super easy and secure transactions with Open Sea so i would recommend it! If they are not for sale on Open Sea then I would go to Larva Labs. You can bid on Cryptopunks or buy them there. 

Question 2: How to buy Cryptopunks

This question has a long response so I will link to a very helpful how to buy nft guide and video. I would appreciate if you use my affiliate link to buy Cryptopunks online at Open Sea. Here is a link to learn how to buy Cryptopunks on Larva Labs.


Question 3: How many crypto punks are there?

There are only 10,000 Cryptopunks in the world. There are 6,039 male Punks and 3,840 female Punks.  Originally, they could be claimed for free by anybody with an Ethereum wallet, but all 10,000 were quickly claimed. Now they must be purchased from someone via the marketplace that's also embedded in the blockchain. So each Cryptopunk has a unique owner, set of features, and cost.

Question 4: What makes a cryptopunk valuable or rare?

Each of the 10,000 cryptopunks have unique designs. Some factors overlap between multiple punks which make them less rare. As an example, there are more male punks than female punks so the females are more rare.

The five types of Cryptopunks are Alien, Ape, Zombie, Female, and Male. Alien punks are the rarest ones because only 9 exist. Here is the full breakdown of rarity and prices.

If you don't want to visit that page, here is a summary of the data.

Cryptopunk type breakdown:

  • Alien - 9 Cryptopunks (Most rare)
  • Ape - 24 Cryptopunks (Very rare)
  • Zombie - 88 Cryptopunks (Rare)
  • Female - 3,840 Cryptopunks (Semi Rare)
  • Male - 6,039 Cryptopunks (Common)

Cryptopunk attribute breakdown:

There are a ton of attributes listed but here is a quick summary of the top 10 attributes listed as the number available.

  1. Beanie - 44
  2. Choker - 48
  3. Pilot helmet - 54
  4. Tiara - 55
  5. Orange Side - 68
  6. Buckteeth - 78
  7. Welding Goggles - 86
  8. Pigtails - 94
  9. Pink with hat - 95
  10. Tophat - 115


Question 5: Who created Crypto Punks?

Matt Hall & John Watkinson
Created in 2017 by Larva Labs developers Matt Hall and John Watkinson, CryptoPunks take the form of computer-generated, 24 x 24 pixel portraits—like avatars in an old 8-bit video game.  The project was experimental inspired by the London punk scenes, the cyberpunk movement and literature William Gibson, s novel Neuromancer, johnny mnemonic, Movies, Blade Runner, and also electronic music scene Daft Punk.

Question 6: Why are crypto punks so expensive?

They are very expensive because they were the first Non Fungible Token and there are only 10,000 in the world. Each Cryptopunk can only have 1 unique owner at a time so it is very rare to have one. Plus, there is a big collectors market out there and Cryptopunks are in high demand with low supply. Cryptopunks are paid for in cryptocurrency instead of US Dollars.

Question 7: What is the most expensive Cryptopunk?

CryptoPunk #3100- sold for $7.58 Million

It is one of 9 Alien Cryptopunks. Not sure why it was sold for such a steep price but it was likely due to the fact that it was part of a competitive bid. 

Question 8: Can you buy a cryptopunk?

Yes! You can either buy them on Larva Labs or Open Seas. You should also checkout my article on buying a Beeple NFT!

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