Best Website Copywriters 2021


Are you a website owner or entrepreneur looking to find the best website copywriters? I will explain who can help you write engaging web copy and I will explain how you can easily save money when buying content online!


Writing is one of the most important parts when creating a website or blog. I did a lot of research these past few months to compile a list of 5 trusted website copywriters who have exceptional writing skills. I found copywriters from a variety of websites with diverse backgrounds! I am excited to share my top recommendations with you today.


Best Website Copywriters 2021

    1. Alex Fasulo


    Alex Fasulo is one of the top website copywriters on the freelancer platform called Fiverr. She has worked as a freelance writer for over 5-years to date and has some very impressive credentials. For example, she was applauded for her outstanding copywriting work on sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, New York Times & more...


    She offers a wide variety of copywriting services ranging from writing content for your website to writing about me profiles. Alex has helped thousands of business owners by creating engaging web content for reasonable prices. It is very easy to get in touch with Alex and start working towards your goals. I recommend creating a free profile on the website Fiverr so that you can send Alex a personal message about your business needs. For example, I asked Alex if she could help me ghostwrite an Ebook and she was very polite & helpful! Feel free to check out this recent article she wrote about growing your following on the app Tik Tok


    (If you want a fantastic writing service for a reasonable price, click the image below!)


    2. Lisa Banks


    Lisa Banks is a copywriting pro! She has an impressive background in Marketing, Copywriting, & SEO. She has been working with copywriting services since 1999  and has a plethora of experience to help you create engaging content. Plus, her services don't stop at just writing website content. She can also help you with content planning/promotion and content editing. I would recommend looking through her portfolio of writing.

    She is accepting a few new clients for her freelance services. Reach out to her  if you think she would be a good fit for your website.



    3. Maddie Cohen

    Maddie is a professional content marketing writer and copyeditor. She is a UC Berkeley alumna, former NBC Montana reporter, and a writer for my Fiverr gigs. She promises to write clear, compelling copy in your brand voice.

    Her clients receive SEO-friendly, market-researched, engaging web copy that engages & persuades customers to take action. If you want to take action and create powerful web copy, click the button below.



    What characteristics should a copywriter have?

    There are several characteristics a copywriter should have:

    1. Patience - Creating quality content takes a lot of time & effort. There will be a lot of back and forth conversations between the copywriter & the customer. A patient copywriter will also keep working and revising the content until the customer is happy.

    2. Curious - A great copywriter should ask a lot of questions and have great communication skills. This all stems from being curious about the project & website needs. A curious copywriter will be eager to listen and learn about your goals.

    3. Confident - A confident copywriter will have faith in their writing abilities. It will not be an effective partnership if the copywriter is second guessing their writing abilities & delivers copy they don't feel confident in.


    Why hire a copywriter?

    Do you have the ability to effectively write content for your website that is concise, thorough & engaging? 

    If you answered no, I would recommend finding a copywriter that can write for you.  Website content is critical when it comes to creating a successful website. Plus, relevant content can attract customers & increase customer satisfaction. If you want to take your website to the next level, I would highly recommend using professional copywriting services.

    What is a digital copywriter?

    digital copywriter is a copywriter who produces the written content for a website and is either working as an employee for a company or as a freelancer. The job of a digital copywriter is to write content that connects with a reader/customer and leads them to make a business transaction (email signup, purchase, contact page).

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