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Best Small Gas Grills - Best Gas Grills of 2021


Small Gas Grill - Review

Best Small Gas Grills

Now is a great time of the year to invest in a small gas grill! One reason people choose to get a small gas grill is to fit comfortably in their space. Similarly, small gas grills are easy to set aside so you have more space for furniture like outdoor sectionals

Why Choose a Small Gas Grill?

As previously mentioned, small gas grills are powerful & minimal. They take up less space than bulky regular sized grills. It lets you grill outside your apartment or condo and this grill can fit easily in a corner. Plus, if you need to store your grill over the winter you can just use Nextstore to find storage. If you have a wide space to fill, I would recommend getting a small grill and cozy furniture. Or, you could get a regular sized grill but you may not have appropriate room for tables, decorations, & furniture. Gas grills are perfect to take on road trips and camping trips along with other gear like rooftop tents


Our Favorite Small Gas Grills

 Honorable Mention: Cuisinart CGG180T Tabletop Grill

best small grill - honorable mention



The Cuisinart is a more affordable option if you're looking for a compact alternative to a regular grill. This is a tiny barbecue which can fit a lot of food on it. It's a great value because it does its job well and comes at a low price. With telescoping legs, this grill is perfect for any terrain.


1.  Best Overall: Weber Spirit II E-210 Black LP Outdoor Gas Grill


Best Small Gas Grill Weber Spirit 2



The Weber Spirit II is a well known, trusted grill that does as a good job as the original Weber Spirit grill. One particularly great part of this grill is its ability to consistently cook food evenly.

The Spirit II has two mighty burner grills which can cook for the whole family barbecue.Even with only two burners, the Weber truly feels like a convenient outside kitchen. You can buy the grill that comes with liquid propane or the option that comes with natural gas. This is one of the best performing grills & that may be a result of the quality design. For example, it has Porcelain-Enameled Cast Iron Cooking Grates, Side Tables with Integrated Hooks, aWarming Rack and more! The flames from this are as hot as a campfire stove

The Spirit II is universally respected with 4.7/5 stars on Amazon with over 1,700 ratings. I would highly recommend this small gas grill!


2. Best Portable Grill: Weber 51010001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill


Weber Liquid Propane Grill



The Weber Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill ranks number one on Amazon. With over 2,600 ratings and a rating of 4.8/5.0 stars, it provides everything you would ever need in a small, portable gas grill. The Weber Q1200 is the perfect size for apartment balconies or patios. I would highly recommend buying the grill stand for this option!

It was one of the smaller gas grills that we compared, but it was still able to comfortably cook a sizable amount of food at a time (one whole rotisserie chicken, two 20oz steaks, 10 strips of bacon). This small gas grill can either be placed on top of a table or on its own. With the ability to purchase additional connector cords, you can easily attach larger propane tanks to the grill.

Its sleek design and look adds to the quality of this grill. Every aspect was engineered and thought about when designing this grill and the folks at Weber hit a home run with this one. All around, this is a great grill choice for any small space because of its small size, maximum cooking space, and versatility in terms of where you can use it to grill.


3. Fuego Grill Review: Fuego F21C-H Element Hinged Propane Gas Grill




The Fuego F21C-H gas grill can heat up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit in under 5 minutes. Its compact size makes it a perfect small gas grill for any space. A 21 inch cooking diameter provides ample space for a sizable amount of food. With its wheelbase and lightweight design, this grill can be moved into any space quickly and can be stored easily.

Easy assembly makes this a solid choice for any novice griller. Options such as additional griddle tops and a pizza stone conversion kit makes this grill perfect for cooking any meal. Its sleek design maximizes cooking space and use of this small gas grill. Of the models we looked at, this one ranked the fastest for getting to and retaining the heat level.

With proper ventilation outlets and an easy to use heating element, this gas grill is perfect for anyone looking for a simple, easy to use grill. Customers noted issues with the top of the grill rusting over time but the company has released changes to this with a new porcelain enamel lid which is now rustproof and resists paint peeling and bubbling. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I buy a small grill?

There are several places to buy a small gas grill. I would recommend shopping around online to find the cheapest price. Amazon has a wide selection of grills at reasonable prices. You can also shop online at Lowes or Home Depot!

What is the difference between the Spirit 210 vs. Genesis 210?

The Genesis II 210 model has a larger grilling surface, two heavy duty front locking swivel casters and two large wheels. The Genesis II also has a tuck away warming rack as opposed to the Spirit II which has a stand alone warming rack. The Genesis II has 26,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) and the Spirit II has 26,500 BTUs. Additionally, the Spirit II lid is available in Black, Sapphire, Red and Ivory. The Genesis II is only available in Black or Stainless Steel. 

How to clean a small gas grill?

It's really quite simple to clean a gas grill! This is a good thing to do so your grill functions well & looks good.

Step 1: Turn off grill and gas supply.

Step 2: Gather cleaning supplies such as a grill brush, paper towels, soapy water, and optional gloves.

Step 3: Remove Grill Grates and scrub them clean with the cleaning supplies.

Step 4: Clean the grease collection tray, burner tubes, and lid.

Step 5: Wipe down the exterior of the grill with paper towels/soapy water.

Congrats, you have finished learning how to thoroughly clean your grill. For a more extensive tutorial, watch this video:

What are some small grill placement ideas?

After you buy a grill, you need to find the right spot to put it. Here are some outdoor grill ideas based on other people who have bought grills I reviewed today. I will also attach an article with several grill station ideas for your backyard. The Weber Spirit II looks great in a variety of regions and placements. You could use this grill in a tropical/beach climate, on your pool deck. Similarly, this is a great grill to use for small pool parties or gatherings.  Check out some other cool outdoor gear online.

The Weber Spirit II also looks great as a back porch grill at your house. The plain black style looks great with any deck stain color but if you are feeling adventurous, you could go with the mocha or blue color. This grill makes a great addition to any backyard. 
This Weber Grill is a great value and can cook in any scenario. I would recommend buying a grill stand so the grill is at stomach level. It works great as a backyard grill, but is especially great for condos and apartments. That's because you can easily store it and move it around.
The Fuego Gas Grill is aesthetically pleasing and has a unique look. I like how the narrow, tall shape fits any space. This grill is great for the everyday backyard and leaves a lot of room for additional furniture. 
fuego gas grill review

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