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Best Power Washer Surface Cleaners 2022

Best Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Attachment

A powerful cleaner can remove dirt effectively and leave behind a neat surface. A pressure surface cleaner washes away fresh dust and darkened surfaces clogged with debris.

What is a Power Washer Surface Cleaner?

A power washer surface cleaner, alternatively known as pressure washer, is a piece of cleaning equipment for walkways,  driveways, and garage floors. A wooden walkway, concrete driveway, concrete parking lot, wooden deck, or patio accumulates dirt over time. 

The number of power washer surface cleaners on the market make it difficult to know which works best. In this review, we examine and recommend the 5 best power & pressure washer surface cleaners on the market.

1. Karcher Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

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The Karcher pressure washer surface cleaner works four times faster and better than conventional spray nozzles. It's an excellent design that cleans surfaces professionally, both wide and small. Karcher is ergonomically built to keep nozzles at a fixed height to eliminate streaks and a splash-free skirt to prevent water splashes( the user stays dry).

Karcher is safe for wooden and all types of floor. Gas pressure washers of 3200 Psi can work seamlessly with this powerful cleaner. And for effective dirt removal, it has a rotation speed of 1500 RPM. With a 15 inches diameter range, the lightweight and easy to maneuver surface cleaner removes dirt smoothly and uniformly.

This self-propelled power surface cleaner is simple to assemble and doesn't require a professional to handle. It also cleans vertical surfaces such as doors and home siding. The 1/4 inches quick-connect fitting is simple to use for any DIYer.


2. Simpson Cleaning Steel Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

Simpson Cleaning 80165 Scrubber 15" Steel Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner for Cold Water Machines, 1/4" Quick Connection, Rated Up to 3700 PSI, Black
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Simpson power surface washer is a household floor cleaning equipment among professionals and DIYers. The stainless steel surface cleaner is durable with a strong exterior and interior finish. It reduces cleaning time while wiping out more dirt using two high-pressure rotating jets. It has powder-coated steel stainless steel nozzles as a cold water surface cleaner to prevent corrosion.

It's multifunctional; suitable for commercial and residential use. Simpson scrubber's 15-inch diameter surface covers more area, and this is ideal for cleaning large-sized patios, wooden decks, garage floors, and driveways. Simpson comes with a  1/4-inch QC hook up to accommodate spray wands. The steel shrouds prevent water splash as expected of any top-quality power surface cleaners. This piece is rated at 3700 PSI and works seamlessly with most gas-powered pressure washers. This cold water model has excellent maneuverability and can be installed without special or technical know-how.


3. Twinkle Star

Twinkle Star 15" Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner with 3 Wheels, Stainless Steel Housing & 1/4" Quick Connector, Power Washer Attachment with 2 Extension Wand, 2 Replacement Nozzles, 4000 PSI
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The twinkle star power washer surface cleaner is a piece of stainless steel equipment for professional and DIY use. It's a commercial-grade surface cleaner that anyone can use to get an excellent result when cleaning driveways, walkways, or parking lots with concrete floors. Using the twinkle star washer, wooden decks and patios are easily rid of dirt. With a 15 inches diameter, cleaning time is reduced as more areas get covered. 

A peak pressure of 4,000 PSI and a maximum flow rate of 3.7 GPM are the standout features of this high-quality surface washer. A dual pressure water jet cleans faster and more effectively. It doesn't strip surfaces yet works 5 times better than regular nozzles. With the easy-to-connect fitting of 1/4 inches, the cleaner is usable with several gas pressure washers. Additional features for better functionality include a filter to prevent impurities from sipping into the equipment and 3 wheels at the surface for smooth movement.

4. M Mingle 15 Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

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M Mingle power washer surface cleaner is highly efficient with a surface built with stainless steel for durability. Extra nozzles are attached to replace existing ones if blocked by debris. The two wands fitted in this surface cleaner measure 30 inches to get a comfortable reach. Each wand has a 1/4 inches quick connection port which works with other types of washers.

The technology of the M Mingle is a hovering system that cleans smoothly without leaving any form of stripping behind and at the same time eradicates dirt on patios, decks, and driveways. Vertical surfaces like fences and walls can also get cleaned using the surface washer. The 3600 PSI pressure coupled with the 15 inches surface cleaner saves a user cleaning time while getting a good result. Cleaning time is reduced by 60% using M Mingle compared to regular nozzles. 

5. Tool Daily Power Washer Surface Cleaner


Tool Daily 15 Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Attachment with Wheels, with 2 Power Washer Extension Wands and 2 Replacement Nozzles, 3600 PSI
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Tool daily surface cleaner has a 15 inches surface to cover more areas and clean effectively. A user gets better results than spraying nozzles and spends less time too. A bristle skirt design prevents water from splashing when the machine is working. The washer generates up to 3600 PSI, perfect for wooden and concrete surfaces. Patios, decks, driveways, or parking lots with extreme or light dirt can be thoroughly cleaned by taking advantage of the 3-wheeled system for quicker and smoother movement of the power washer.

Should the nozzles of the washer get stuffed with debris, two extra nozzles serve as permanent or temporary replacement options. The traditional 1/4 inches quick connect in the design and double power washer extension wands. Tool daily is easy to assemble and put to use. The washer and the nozzles are well coated to prevent rust; this ensures durability despite repeated use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Power Washer Surface Cleaners Work?

Yes they work very well. Power surface cleaners remove dirt of any intensity from a wooden or concrete surface. It releases water at high pressure to wipe off a stain or accumulated dirt.

Can You Use Any Surface Cleaner With Any Pressure Washer?

You can use any surface cleaner in a pressure washer because surface cleaners are general.

What Cleaner Do Professional Pressure Washers Use?

Professionals use a Sodium hydroxide solution, Ammonia, and other detergent types containing similar solutions. Often, the sort of dirt-greasy or the surface - glass/steel determines the cleaner to use.

How Do You Clean A Surface With A Pressure Washer?

Connect to a water source, and get the pressure washer running. Unhook the safety lever and engage the trigger to allow the spray bar under the washer to rotate and generate the pressure that wipes off the dirt. 

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