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We are an affiliate site and may earn money from your purchase. It will not affect how much you pay.
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Best Carved Headboard Ideas - 2021 Review Guide

balinese carved wood headboard king

The room of your dreams wouldn't be complete without a carved headboard for your bed! Carved wooden headboards are starting to become a trendy decor piece in 2020. Plus, it can display a timeless, charming aesthetic in any house bedroom. They go very well with solid wooden bed frames and minimalist interior design. Today, I will show a few ideas of Headboards you may want to get for your bedroom.

 Carved Headboard Sizing

Before we review different headboards, I wanted to discuss carved headboard sizes. For simplicity, I will break sizing down into Twin Size beds, Queen Size beds, and King Size beds. The best specialty headboards are usually made to fit King Size beds.


1.  Best Overall - Balinese Carved Headboard King Size Wall Decor

carved headboard king



This brilliantly designed headboard is awe-inspiring. It looks gorgeous as the headboard for a king size bed. It was made in Thailand using natural Teak wood. It's a plus that this headboard is handmade and has a unique design. This headboard helps you to relax and feel at ease in your rustic bedroom! Lastly, this headboard is easy to install and hang on your wall. I recommend this quality piece of furniture. (72x72 inches)


 If you need Interior Design help, check out this post on E-Design. Here are some ideas for how your room may look with the Balinese wood carved headboard:


2. Best Quality - Bohemian Farmhouse Wood Carved Headboard - King Size



This handcrafted piece would be a great addition to your king size bed. It is available in a whitewash or brown color. The style of this board is perfect to achieve the modern rustic farmhouse look that is trendy. This hand carved headboard is sourced from Thailand where it was made from reclaimed acacia wood. This style is very similar to the piece shown above, but there are big differences in the carving patterns. (72x72 inches)


This piece is also available in a whitewash color.


3. Handcrafted Barn Rustic King Headboard Decor Wall Art - King Size



This handcrafted wooden headboard displays intricate blossom flower patterns. It was sourced from Thailand with reclaimed teak wood. I like how this decor adds a rustic aesthetic to the bedroom space. I would recommend this piece for people who like creative, barn style, rustic furniture. (72x72 inches)

This headboard is available in the following colors:

  • Brown
  • Oak
  • Brown
  • Rustic
  • White
  • Whitewash

4. Circular Blooming Lotus Pattern Hand Carved Headboard - King Size



Talk about a beautifully carved headboard. This hand carved piece is versatile, luxurious, and easy to hang up. Check the price on Amazon or feel free to read on! This product comes in brown, white, and whitewash. (72x72 inches)


5. Balinese Carved Headboard Queen Size Wall Decor



This headboard is just as decorative as the others but this one fits well for Queen size beds. This piece has the same design as the top rated Balinese headboard but this one is 60x60 inches and not 72x72 inches. 

Here is an idea of how your room may look with this Queen size headboard:


Honorable mention: Moroccan Queen Headboard Coastal Bedroom



How to install the headboard in your bedroom:

The seller will provide hanging kits in the order for you to use. They recommend that you use the hang kits found on the backside of the panel. Next, you would need to put nails/screws in your walls as a place to hang from. Then, you will assemble the panels, starting with the middle panel, and work your way out. Make sure you properly hang the headboard with strong nails/hooks/screws in between the gaps of the panels. If you are unsure of how to install it once you receive the order/package, please reach out to a professional installer. 


Where is the order shipped from? 

All of these handcrafted wood headboards are made in Thailand. The company, Siamsawadee, makes these headboards and they are based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Every order is shipped from their store in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Amazon acts as the third party seller to make sure you can get fast & free shipping.



The headboard you pick for your room should fit your bed size. You can buy particular pieces that can be moved as you need. A headboard provides an authentic charm that you get to enjoy looking at every day.

When you purchase a headboard, you can easily set it up and create a consistent look and style in your room. All it takes is this simple addition to make your bedroom area into a true living space.

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