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We are an affiliate site and may earn money from your purchase. It will not affect how much you pay.
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5 Best Babysitting Services and Apps Columbus Ohio 

Best babysitter apps columbus ohio

Babysitting is an important service all families will need so this article will help to review the best babysitting apps in Columbus! When finding a babysitter you want to find the best reliable caregivers without spending a fortune. Luckily, some of the options today are free or on the lower price end so you can find help for less. You want to find a babysitter who is reliable, trustworthy, experienced and flexible! Here’s your guide to finding the best babysitter!

1. Tandem

Tandem is the only free marketplace for finding child and pet care providers. Tandem is based in Columbus, Ohio, and has revolutionized the payment process for providers and families. Tandem is ranked as the number 1 child care connection platform because of their unique business model that allows them to stay free for both families and providers. 


If you want to sign up to find care providers and babysitters then click here to join as a family! If you want to sign up as a babysitter then click here and sign up with the code "PMSITTER". Tandem is also available on the iOS App Store.

Tandem care providers are all background checked before they can start applying to jobs. Care providers are prompted to provide a reliable reference check for families to view before hiring. All communication can be done through the app, allowing parents to interview by phone call from a google generated phone number. This allows both families and sitters to keep their information private. 

The best part about Tandem is that they are completely free. Care providers do not pay any fees when signing up. The company covers the basic background check, and care providers can choose to pay for other forms of safety checks such as a motor vehicle support, advanced background check, or document verification. 

Tandem connects families with care providers based on their preferences. If a family requires that their sitter is CPR certified or experienced with a child who is anaphylactic, the family will be paired with a sitter who meets those qualifications. 


2. Juggle 

Juggle is another Columbus, Ohio, based babysitting platform. Juggle is ranked number two simply because they charge a fee to use the app. However, it is still a great platform. Juggle finds care providers who tend to be energetic, educated, and recent graduates to create a pool of qualified sitters for families to choose from. 

However, unlike Tandem, not all babysitters are background checked. If you are looking for a sitter who is background checked, look for a profile with a green check mark. Juggle is also not free, but the fee they charge is not significant. To use juggle, they charge a $4.99 fee for each booking. Juggle also takes $2/hour from whatever you pay your sitter per hour. If you pay your sitter $15/hour, which is average, they will only get $13/hour. 

Juggle is great if you are looking to connect with your sitter through Facebook. They utilize Facebook as a great connection platform for families. Families can see other families’ experiences by using Facebook. 


3. Sitters Unlimited 

Sitters unlimited is a local business that connects families with babysitters, nannies, and petsitters. They claim to be the first local child care connection business in Columbus, with over 20 years of experience. 

Sitters Unlimited is great because they have a job fill rate of 98%. However, they do require that jobs be posted no more than 4 hours in advance, but recommend at least 24 hours. Sitters Unlimited is not a gig economy job, which means that they personally interview, background check, and reference check all of their sitters. 

Sitters Unlimited is not cheap to use, however. All babysitting sites cost money to use (except Tandem, of course), but Sitters Unlimited charges some pretty massive fees. To use the platform, you must pay a $50 nonrefundable one time fee. After this, you have to pay a “placement fee” for whatever service you decide to use. 

  • $10 placement fee for a standard request (made 48 hours in advance)
  • $12 placement fee for an overnight or holiday request 
  • $17 placement fee for a last minute sitter request  (made less than 48 hours in advance) 

Keep in mind that these are only fees. On top of the $50 nonrefundable fee, everytime you post a job you must pay a fee for sitters to even see it. If the job doesn’t get filled, however, you will receive a refund for the placement fee. 

Because Sitters Unlimited does not get their sitters the same way as a gig economy, their prices are all the same. This is an advantage compared to other sites because it is reliable. They also pay each sitter around $12 an hour, which is much cheaper than the usual $15-20/hr on other platforms. So after the considerable fees, depending on your needs, you may be spending the same amount as you would on other sites. 


4. SitterCity

SitterCity is fairly easy to use. You pay a monthly membership of $35 and they connect you with sitters in your area. SitterCity not only offers child care, but they also offer pet care. SitterCity is a nationwide child care connection platform, but they have plenty of sitters in Columbus, Ohio. 

SitterCity’s model is set up like this: 

  1. Search for what you need 
  2. See babysitters who may be available 
  3. Create an account & pay membership fee
  4. Ability to message sitters directly

The nice part about SitterCity is that you can view child care providers before you sign up for a membership. This is nice because you can see what sitters are actually in your area and available to babysit before you pay for a membership fee.  Although, it is unclear how often these sitters are updated and if they are accurate. 

SitterCity is great to use if you need recurring child care. Because the only fee is the monthly membership, the unlimited bookings may be worth it. However, if you are only looking for a one-time babysitter or the occasional date night, SitterCity may not be the best option. 


5. UrbanSitter

UrbanSitter has a variety of care options, from babysitting to senior care. UrbanSitter is often compared to SitterCity and Care .com for being similar in their business model. All  of UrbanSitter’s care providers are background checked, as well. 

The screening process that UrbanSitter takes is similar to other care sites, however they ask Covid-19 questions. Many care provider platforms leave Covid-19 questions up to the family, not bothering to ask. However, UrbanSitter screens for a clean background check and answers regarding certain Covid-19 questions. 

UrbanSitter has an app that  is easy to use for both families and caregivers. You can easily message in the app or online, prompting for interviews. UrbanSitter’s pricing is comparable to SitterCity’s, at $35 a month. Sitters also get 100% of their hourly pay, which is similar to Tandem and SitterCity. 

5 Best Babysitting Services and Apps 

Finding the best babysitter for your child can be stressful. Luckily there are a plethora of babysitting services and apps available on the internet to help your family find the perfect fit. When choosing a babysitter, you want someone who is reliable, energetic, and patient. But sometimes this person can be hard to find on your own. 

. That’s why we put together this guide of the 5 best babysitting services and apps in Columbus, Ohio. Below, we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions regarding babysitting services and how to find the perfect babysitter for your family. 

What makes a good babysitting app?

The best babysitting apps are ones that:

  1. Easy to use 
  2. Have no cost to hire babysitter
  3. Let you find the best babysitters in the area
  4. Have a wide variety of babysitters on the app you can choose from
  5. Let babysitters interview and apply on the platform

What are good babysitting rates per hour?

I found that the average rates for Ohio are around $15-20/hour. $25/hour is usually the upper end of babysitting rates and the lowest rate is $8/hour. However, an experienced babysitter usually charges at least $15/hour so if you find someone only charging $8 then it may be too good to be true. 

I have never seen someone pay more than $25/hour unless they have a lot of money to spare or if it’s in a different state where the cost of living is more. For more last minute or special requests, however, charging in the upper range of $25hour is common. Expect to pay higher for same day requests on any platform. 

What are good babysitting qualities to look for?

    • Trustworthy: You need to be able to trust your babysitter and be confident they have your child’s best interests at heart. Trust usually comes from hiring people you’ve worked with before but a good babysitting app will only allow trustworthy babysitters to use the platform.
    • Reliability: The worst thing is when your babysitter doesn’t show up on time or flakes at the last minute. Having a reliable babysitter is very important because once you book them, then you know they will be there for you.
  • Energetic: The most fun babysitters come with activities for the kids to do! My favorite activities are playing outside, playing games, coloring and watching videos. If your babysitter is good, then they will have a fun agenda planned for the time. 
    • Patient: A babysitter who is patient is a babysitter you want. Especially if you have younger kids, finding a patient babysitter will allow for your kids to flourish and get the one on one attention they need. 


    In conclusion, all of the apps listed above are really good at certain things.

    For instance, Juggle is great at finding last minute child care for a cheap price, but they don’t give their sitters 100% of their earnings (which jacks up the hourly price you pay).  

    SitterCity and UrbanSitter are great for finding a babysitter too, but they have a reputation with a host of problems (they are both huge companies!).  

    SittersUnlimited is amazing for finding long term care, like a nanny, but space is limited. However, they cost the most out of all the options listed. 

    Overall, the best option for one time, occasional, part time, or full time child care is Tandem. Out of all the options, they are the only 100% free platform. They are easy to use, and allow you to pay and message through them for a seamless connection. Whether you are looking for an occasional date night sitter or a full time nanny, Tandem has you covered. 

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