Awesome Seo Trick

Awesome SEO Trick!

Today, I want to share an awesome SEO Trick on how to rank on google within minutes. This trick involves using Google Search Console and you must have a website to do it. 

I want to show you my process of ranking quickly! I made half of a blog post, ranked it using this formula and then finished writing it.
You can expect to learn about my SEO trick which led me to rank in spot 4/5 for Awesome SEO Trick within 10 minutes of creating it. Btw, I published the page at 2:30. Requested indexing at 2:35pm. It got indexed at 2:38 and was ranking by 2:40pm. The total process of ranking took 10 minutes
  1. Make a website. I used Shopify and I have a website called
  2. Set up Google Search Console. Here are some instructions
  3. Create a blog and make a blog post. Add content (Just a paragraph is fine)
  4. Within the blog post put the keyword in the title, H1, H2 and URL.
  5.  seo trick
  6. Publish The Page and copy the URL.
  7. Go to your property in Google Search Console.
  8. Paste the URL in the "Inspect URL" area
  9. awesome seo
  10. Click request indexing. Also, notice I clicked it at 2:35.
  11. awesome seo trick
  12. It was requested to be indexed at 2:38pm. Now we wait a minute or two.
  13. seo indexing
  14. AND DONE! It ranks on Page 1! It only took 2 minutes
  15. final seo trick

I hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful! Now go rank!

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