Thekidszn, Explains How He Used Social Media To Build A Following


Content creation & social media has allowed for a huge number of opportunities in 2020. If you have social media, talent, and hard work you can build a loyal following. One rapper who prioritized social media and marketing to build a large following is Thekidszn. Thekidszn is a 16-year-old rapper from Rochester New York who has made a strong reputation as a Gen Z entrepreneur & rapper. He has a lot of momentum behind his music, with over 1,000,000 streams on Spotify.

Recently, Thekidszn released a catchy EP titled Leave Me Alone. The new EP has already generated over 100 thousand streams across all internet platforms like Spotify & Soundcloud. The intro "Leave Me Alone" is gaining traction and could be headed for the billboards.

As Thekidszn's meteoric rise to success attests (as directly evidenced by his prolific Instagram growth as of late to over 18,000 followers), Gen-Zers who can leverage social media are widely becoming the new top artists of our era. Check out his latest EP out on Spotify!

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