Alex Davessar Launches Outern To Help Connect Students & Companies

Alex Davessar Announces Outern, a Revolutionary New Tech Product!

Student engineers earn funding for innovations | COLLEGE OF ...

(Alex Davessar & Outern Team Win People's Choice Award)


Columbus, Ohio - April 8, 2020. Alex Davessar, the Co-Founder and CEO of Outern, launches a revolutionary staff augmentation platform that connects college students and companies.

About Outern & Alex Davessar

Outern is a revolutionary recruitment platform that has created a new type of work: the Outernship™️. Outernships™ leverage the gig-economy to allow companies to reach, evaluate, and compete for junior talent at scale. Davessar recently stepped down as the VP of Brand and Marketing at Business Builders, The Ohio State University’s entrepreneurship organization. He is a second year undergraduate student and Morrill Scholar at The Ohio State University, studying Business Administration with a specialization in Software Entrepreneurship. Davessar is also the former Founder, President, & Creative Director of Beacon Brand Identity, a creative agency that develops brands, designs digital products, and shares them with the world through strategic marketing efforts.

As an entrepreneurial-minded, self taught UI/UX designer and front-end developer, he is looking to gain the skills needed to better collaborate with engineers. During his undergraduate years, he hopes to expand his skills in full-stack development to become an individual that can not only ideate and design great products, but also help develop them.

By graduation, he hopes to have a well rounded business acumen with a focus on building disruptive SaaS products, bringing them to market, and putting them in a position to achieve high growth.

Outern Beta

Outern works with HR leaders and trailblazers. If this sounds like you, I recommend getting in touch with the Outern team. If you are interested, you can sign up here.

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