Por Have B - What It Means & Why It Gets Searches?

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por hav b

I was using Ahrefs and one day I came across the keyword "por have b". Ahrefs says it gets 2,900 searches a month. I was seriously confused by this because Por Have B doesn't mean anything. So, I am going to rank for that keyword to see if it gets 2.9K searches per month.

What Por Have B Could Mean...

Theory 1:

My first theory is that Ahrefs is miscalculating the search volume and is experiencing an error. It could be that "Por Hav" in Spanish means "By The Sea". There is a 2015 movie, called By The Sea which gets about 8,000 searches per month. So, this could be people trying to find that movie. In that case, here is a link to the imbd for that movie.

Theory 2: 

My second theory also includes Spanish. "por h o por b" means "for one reason or another". Often times, Google searches for definitions have a really high search volume and low click rate. This could be the case, considering it gets 2.9k searches and 200 clicks per month.

Theory 3:

People are looking to buy Por 15 industrial top coat gloss. If that is you, here is a link to find it on Amazon.


This is an interesting topic and I don't have a clear idea why Ahrefs says it gets 2.9K searches per month. Anyways, more fake traffic for me :) Check out my article on Amazon Business


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