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We are an affiliate site and may earn money from your purchase. It will not affect how much you pay.
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Kroger item lookup - how to find items at Kroger in seconds!


Right now, you are probably getting ready for a kroger shopping trip or you are currently shopping and trying to find a specific product. Likely, you wanted to find what aisle a specific product is in, look at the price of the product you wanna buy, or see if a product is in or out of stock. Kroger makes money off of people not being able to find the products they want so by forcing people to wander, they make more money!

Meet AisleSpot, an innovative tool which helps you find the aisle of the product you want and create an optimized list which tells you the quickest route through the store. We can save you money by keeping you on budget and helping to eliminate wandering. You can use it for free by going to our homepage, typing in your zip code and clicking the Kroger you want to shop at, and finally lookup an item and our tool will give you a bunch of information about it.

Kroger Item Lookup Example: Chocolate

Let’s say you are brand new to Cincinnati, Ohio and are told to go buy some chocolate. You get to Kroger and none of the Aisles say candy or chocolate so you are wondering which Aisle chocolate is in.

Step 1: Type in your zip code!

Step 2: Select your store

Step 3: Type in chocolate and hit search!

Now you can see that this store has chocolate in Aisle 24!

If this seems like something you would find helpful, you can use this tool for free to search for items!

Grocery Shopping App Exclusive Free Access: 

Would you like to use this shopping tool that helps you

► Find all the groceries you want in half the time it normally takes

► Control how much you spend in the grocery store & stick to a budget

► Understand the most efficient way to walk through the grocery store

► Shop easily for family members or for on demand shopping services

► See what products are in or out of stock

► See what products are on sale that you buy frequently

► Get product recommendations based on your profile

If this sounds good, you should try our free web application! Just add items to your list and get an output which is organized by the most efficient shopping path. You can see the total cost of your cart before you even checkout. Plus, you will be able to see what products are in/out of stock, what products you normally buy, and get popular product recommendations.

Make an organized list of products with our kroger item finder tool!

Let’s say you added chocolate to your cart and then remember you wanted to buy some other groceries like this:

  1. 12 eggs
  2. Navel oranges
  3. Organic chicken
  4. Jasmine rice
  5. Carrot cake

If you went to Kroger and bought chocolate, then eggs, oranges, chicken, rice, and cake, you would be walking all over the store and waste a bunch of time. At least you will get some more cardio in from it but there should be a simpler way. Our tool automatically rearranges your cart into the quickest path! This organized list is going to save you so much time and mental energy!

How do I find items at Kroger?

One of the best parts of our app is that it makes it super easy to find items at Kroger. Our tool allows you to find items in 3 steps. Just enter your zip code, select the store, search your product and it will tell you the exact aisle/department of the food you want to buy! 

If a family member or on demand shopping service tells you to go buy something new at a Kroger you’ve never been to, you will most likely have to ask an employee for help. Now, just use our app and type in what you want to find like Tahini and it will tell you the exact aisle for your specific store.

If you use the Kroger app, you know it’s a hard process because it takes about 10 clicks to find the aisle. Our interface is easy to use and you can find what you want quickly. Our product was made with busy shoppers in mind! 

Are all Kroger aisles the same?

Great question, if you go to one Kroger and then another, you will notice that not all Kroger aisles are the same. Some Krogers only have 20 aisles, some have 30, some have 40. Some Krogers break aisles into big groups of food like bread/condiments/sauces/dressings while some put bread in a different aisle than condiments/sauces/dressings. Let’s say two Krogers have an Aisle for sauces/condiments/dressings. In one store, it may be in Aisle 9 (like my store) while in another store it could be in Aisle 10. Krogers don’t all put the same items in the same aisles and the same items may be in different aisles across multiple stores.

What are Kroger products?

You may not know this but Kroger offers generic items with Kroger branding and they have some more premium products with branding such as Private Selection or Simple Truth. Look at this list of the best Kroger brand products.

Conclusion - How to find something at Kroger:

In conclusion, you should use our app to help you find something at your Kroger! You just put in your zip code, select a store, and search for a product you want. If you add multiple product to your list, we will organize your list to tell you the most efficient path through the store. Stop wandering and start saving time with AisleSpot!

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