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We are an affiliate site and may earn money from your purchase. It will not affect how much you pay.
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Who Makes The Best Hot Tubs in 2022

who makes the best hot tubs

Who makes the best hot tubs?

Owning a hot tub is essential to add a little spark to a very busy long day and getting the right brand to suit all of your desires is very crucial. However, this process might be daunting without the right knowledge. There are several hot tubs out there and there are several factors that separate a good brand from a bad one. Factors such as price, quality, durability, and credibility in the industry are important when rating brands.

What are the best hot tub brands?

1. Jacuzzi hot tubs 

The jacuzzi brand offers luxury hot tubs that are mostly of the high-end price but you get complete value for your money with their exquisite designs and components that serve the purpose for which it was bought.

This iconic brand happens to be one of the oldest of all hot tub brands keeping its reputation, sometimes the name ‘jacuzzi’ is usually mistaken to refer to all hot tubs.

Was one of the first hot tubs to provide hydrotherapy and has added new renovations to their products ever since the first was produced. The indoor jacuzzi is suitable for couples to enjoy some beautiful moments just in their master bathroom.

Special components include the attractive exterior, powerful water and back massage jets, double armrest design, large space, control panel, stereo speakers, underwater lights, water level control.

2. Sundance Spas

This brand is popularly known for its efficient dual purpose which is majorly relaxation and hydrotherapy providing relief to muscle pains, especially low back pains.

With over 40 years of experience, the Sundance brand stands out for its recognized quality and expertise. The brand offers a range of products for sizes, small, medium, and large, and also a wide variety of products that suit every budget from the less expensive to the most expensive models.

The hot tub also works with a mobile app, the SmartTub app, which acts as a quick reference guide making operation very easy and convenient.

Unique features include energy-saving components, pillows for comfortable headrests, filter cartridges, underwater lights of various colors, control panels for regulating the exact temperature and pressure needed, waterfalls, UV-C water sanitation, and lots more.

3. Bullfrog Spas

The bullfrog experience provides a unique 18 different and interchangeable Jet Packs massage providing different options to choose from.

It stands out as one of the best brands because it is user-specific, not many brands give options of selecting your desired type of massage and even running different types of massage on different seats at the same time, bullfrog gives this luxury treatment and loads more.

It is built with a patented support structure and not wood or metal, this adds to its durability preventing rust or corrosion on the surface. Another durability factor is a very simplified plumbing system with fewer holes and most importantly fewer leaks. All of these factors add to the reliability of this brand, most times serving its function for up to 10 years. Very popular for their jetpacks and their unique innovation and design.

4. Canadian Spas

This brand makes hot tubs that also have interchangeable, adjustable, directional, and rotational 5hp, 2hp jets to cater to individual preferences.

Their products are found in almost every part of the world and their most common and fast-selling product is the portable and inflatable hot tubs. This provides the luxury of being carried around easily for occasions like outdoor picnics, for easy setup, packaging, and storage.

 5. Coast Spas

Coast Spas combines low-end and high-end products with amazing features. They are known for their great design and also offer portable hot tubs to meet consumers’ tastes.

Coast Spas make use of innovative technology like its touch screen control panel and app control function to set itself apart among portable hot tubs.

6. Master Spas

Having established itself with over two decades of great spa product production, Master Spas keeps delivering hot tubs that have great features at affordable prices. It has a biomagnetic, pressure-based therapy for joint therapy. It also adds UV-C sanitation, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth audio to its wonderful collection of features.

What factors determine the best hot tub brands?

Several factors separate the best hot tub brands. They include:


The size of the hot tub is very important when choosing a hot tub. Great tubs offer different sizes in the number of people it accommodates and dimensions that suit different buyers. They make tubs that can be used both by individuals and families.


Hot tubs come in different shapes and it is an important factor to consider. The best brands offer hot tubs that are rectangular, oval, circular, triangle, or square-shaped. These enable them to meet the requirement of different users. Some are longer in shape and are useful for physical therapy while others add aesthetic properties to the relaxation the tub offers.

Another aspect of shape is portability. These come as in-ground that are fitted to the ground and are immobile. The above-ground model is often portable and can be easily transported. 


The durability of the spa depends on the material. The type of material used also fits the focus of some of the brands. Acrylic hot tub shells are thought to be the strongest and have great heat-retaining capacities. Another important consideration is the ability of the materials to withstand adverse conditions. The best tubs cabinets are made of composite materials that help them stay durable and energy-efficient.

Additional features

The best brands often have additional features that make for a great user experience. Some come with extra technology like Bluetooth systems and speakers to allow users to enjoy listening to music while in the spa. Others also have non-slip features that reduce the risk of accidents when going out of the tub.

Are there any hot tub brands to avoid? Worst hot tub brands

The best hot tubs always give customers value for their money offering amazing features for a great spa experience. These brands have the same things in common like great customer feedbacks, energy efficiency, a good warranty, regular maintenance among others.

Brands that don’t offer these benefits are best avoided.

Some of them include:

Life Spas

Hot Spring Spas


Dimension One Spa 

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