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The 8 Best Credenza Desks 2021 - Credenza Office Desk Guide

credenza desk in home

Buying a Credenza Desk For Your Office: The Ultimate Guide

Having a desk in your workplace can be one of your biggest blessings. Apart from the fact that it will help you hold important items, accessories, or gadgets, you can work more comfortably. With a good desk and the perfect office chair, you could be 2 times more productive than usual.

However, the choice of desk is important as it determines your level of comfort in an office area. A desk with a good stand, wide tabletop and numerous drawers is always the ideal choice. Fortunately, a credenza desk matches the description of what you need.

What is a Credenza Desk?

A Credenza desk, often called Credenza by many, is a wall-placed modern desk ideal for an executive office and any other workplace. It is regarded as a secondary workspace due to its potential to help store office items and accessories. It is also the ultimate choice of desk for the organizing of papers or files.

A Credenza contains a filing area, drawers, shelves, cabinets, etc., depending on the type you find.

However, the best credenza desks available on the market aren’t so hard to find because this guide displays and describes them perfectly. Find out the ideal credenza for you below. 


The 7 Best Credenza Desks On the Market


1. Best Overall: Martin Furniture Hartford Fully Assembled Double Pedestal Shaped Desk



Are you a vintage office person? Going for a Martin Furniture credenza desk is a perfect, stylish choice. Your office area will have a total aesthetic improvement with this brand’s Hartford Fully Assembled Double Pedestal Shaped Desk. From the name, it looks like the desk is packed with more than enough features for your office workspace storage.

This credenza desk is made of wood material with an Espresso or Oak finish for durability. It has black paint with a twelve-step two-toned hand-rubbed finish and physical distressing for surface improvement. To help you imagine its size, it has the dimensions: 69.5 x 31 x30.

Martin Furniture Hartford Fully Assembled Double Pedestal Shaped Desk has 7 drawers for complete storage. It consists of two locking letter legal file drawers, four utility drawers, and a full-suspension steel ball-bearing drawer, with two grommets for cable management. Indeed, it is a good choice to help you keep an organized and clean desk.


2. Martin Furniture White Credenza



If you aren’t satisfied with the colored Martin Furniture Desks you’ve been seeing, maybe you need something different – one with a clear color. Most office people like simple colored furniture that will fit nicely to the room’s aesthetic. Fortunately, you can never go wrong with White – it is the plainest color for any office workplace.

Martin Furniture White Credenza is a fantastic choice following its wood construction and fine semi-finished back for durability and optimal scratch-resistance. The desk also features a power center with two AC power outlets and three USB 2.0 connections. You may never have to worry about the messiness that comes with cables because this desk has complete cable management.

The credenza desk has excellent storage – drop front keyboard/pencil drawer, one locking letter legal file drawer, and three utility drawers with dividers. The other better part of this desk is the faux drawer door with printer pullout – always worth it!


3. Martin Furniture Durham Double Pedestal Executive Desk


If your preference for furniture is geared towards White, Martin Furniture makes a few of them you may like; however, another Double Pedestal Desk will be a good investment. Not only will this desk deliver a vintage vibe, but it offers the ideal office credenza storage.

Martin Furniture Durham Double Pedestal Executive Desk is made of wood material and the weathered white furniture finish provides an optimal resistance level against scratch and stain. It also has a large Cherry Top to help hold most of your items like clocks, laptops, file trays, etc. Without a doubt, you can work productively & efficiently from this executive desk.

The desk has a good number of drawers, i.e., 7, comprising mainly of a pencil drawer, four utility drawers, and two locking legal file drawers.  As expected, Martin Furniture Durham Double Pedestal Executive Desk is fully assembled, having dimensions of 30H x 66W x 30D inches.


4. Best Budget Credenza Desk: Alera ALESD6024BM Double Pedestal Steel Credenza

Alera ALESD6024BM Double Pedestal Steel Credenza Desk


check price - credenza desk


Would you love a desk that gives you a feeling of the perfect office life with good comfort and perfect storage? Alera Double Pedestal Steel Credenza Desk might be the right choice for you. It is a unique desk and its style and design complement any room or workplace.

This credenza desk has some impressive features that may leave you with no choice but to go for it right away! For instance, it has a powder-coated steel frame – not found in many office desks – ensuring that it is scratchproof. It also has a durable laminate top with a square edge that further provides resistance to scratch and stain.

Alera Double Pedestal Steel Credenza is quite simple, with dimensions of 26.5 x 62 x 22.5 inches and a Cherry/Puty Color. Additionally, it has full-extension file drawers with telescoping bearing handles to help provide good storage for your files.


5. Martin Furniture Heritage Credenza

best credenza desk


Not many names are popular in the desk business, but those that provide good comfort are always worthy purchases. One of those names is Martin Furniture. This brand describes itself as one of the best furniture makers that incorporates transitional style and exotic designs.

Martin Furniture Heritage Credenza is one choice you cannot but help to agree with from its appearance. It is made of solid, fine wood material and a hickory finish for excellent durability and strength.

This credenza desk (63x23x34 ins.) comes with different features, as you would expect. It has two utility drawers and two letter file drawers for complete storage. It also has a dropdown keyboard and pencil tray to prevent clumsiness. Martin Furniture Heritage Credenza Desk currently offers a 5-year limited warranty.


6. Best Credenza Shell: Bush Business Furniture Studio C Credenza Desk

Best Credenza Shell



Sometimes, credenzas take different forms – one of them is a Desk Shell. This desk design often has limited office purposes, but it is always an incredible choice. Bush Business Furniture Studio C Credenza Desk is a typical example of a desk shell built to serve similar desk purposes but with minimal storage.

This Credenza Desk/Desk Shell is built to offer as much protection as possible against stains and scratches. The quality of its material is certainly why it is worth your investment. This desk is also thermally fused with a laminate finish to further improve durability and strength – anything is possible with this desk!

Bush Business Furniture Studio C Credenza Desk has a 60W x 24D surface that can hold a few important items. It also comes with an integrated cable management system to hide computer cords. Other incredible features packed in this desk are clean lines and extended modesty panel, as well as mobile file cabinets/keyboard trays, etc. 


7. Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Credenza Desk with Hutch in Espresso Oak


credenza desk with hutch



If you wanted to find a credenza desk with a hutch then you are in luck. Hutches are very stylish and add to the aesthetic and utility of the desk. You can add a filing system to this desk and store extra papers or pictures in the hutch.

This product is manufactured using quality engineered wood and thermally fused laminate designed for long-term durability, stability and resistance to warping or cracking. This desk has the following dimensions: 59" W x 59" D x 66" H.  It weighs in at 81 pounds and would make a great credenza office desk.


8.   Tucker Double Pedestal Rich Brown Credenza Desk



Do you want to upgrade your work area with an elegant desk that has an aesthetic that complements it? Tucker Double Pedestal Rich Brown Credenza Desk may just be exactly what you are looking for. The manufacturer, Coaster Furniture boasts impressive sets of furniture built to every house owner or office worker’s taste; hence it is always worth it.

This office credenza made of wood material – Poplar Wood, MDF, and Cherry, comes with elaborate details and features to help make the office experience a better one. It also features a Rich Brown finish to enhance durability and improve the desk’s style.

Fortunately, this desk does not require any assembly, and it comes with a sort of storage (shelves) – including computer storage. It also incorporates a complete built-in power outlet to its design for an effective cable management system. Overall, the Tucker Double Pedestal Rich Brown Credenza Desk completes your office workplace in the best way you can ever imagine.

Why Should You Choose a Credenza Desk?

Credenza desks are one of the most incredible desks in the world today because of their style, storage space, and furniture quality. They have a vintage-inspired style making them almost suitable for any workplace.

There are several reasons you would choose an office credenza, but the following are the most significant ones.

  1. Gives a more decorative and stylish feel while it complements the aesthetics of your office.
  2. The desk is different from the usual – it pays to be different.
  3. Credenzas ensure that you are organized through proper paper filing and storage.
  4. They have a minimalistic design

What is the Difference Between a Desk Shell and a Credenza Desk?

The differences between a Desk Shell and a Credenza Desk aren’t much but could influence your decisions.

A Desk Shell is a desk’s base model with no storage features. It is only a piece of furniture without legs.

On the other hand, a credenza desk has a flat tabletop with storage amenities like cabinets, shelves, drawers, etc. It also comes with short legs.


Using a credenza desk has its perks – you may never want to buy a different type of desk after you try out the credenza desk. It is a comfortable desk that will fit into any workplace while offering a good amount of storage. Buying any of the reviewed best credenza desks above might be one of the best decisions you make this year.

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