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We are an affiliate site and may earn money from your purchase. It will not affect how much you pay.
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Top 3 Whiteboard Animation Services To Buy In 2021

When someone visits your website and watches a whiteboard animation video, they are more likely to buy from you. If you want amazing whiteboard animation services, you are in the right spot! Adding a video animation may help to increase your brand loyalty among customers and drive more conversion.

Today, we will be listing the Best Whiteboard Animation Services on Fiverr.


3 Key Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Whiteboard Explainer Video Service

There are so many elements to consider when making an explainer video. Here are 3 aspects to consider.

  • Quality & Production Value: Check out past work from the seller and sift through the customer reviews. Watch their past explainer videos to make sure the videos align with your brand identiy. You will be able to tell if the quality of the video and production value is good enough for your business needs.
  • Check Seller Feedback: Look at the customer reviews, comments, and general feedback on Fiverr that past customers wrote about their purchase.
  • Pricing: Getting the most value for your dollar is always a good idea. Make sure the video is within your budget so you can keep your finances on track. Also, look at competing sellers and ask for discounts when finalizing which seller you will work with.

Top 3 Whiteboard Animation Video Creators Out There

1. DJ Young Whiteboard Animation (Top Rated Seller)

 Looking for a premium whiteboard animation? This is a top rated service on Fiverr and you can get a fantastic whiteboard video. The prices range from $350-$750 per gig.

Everything is included! Script, voiceover, HD video, and 3 rounds of edits!

  • Voice Over Recording
  • 30 Seconds Running Time
  • Scriptwriting
  • Background Music
  • Up to 75 Words

DJ Young has over 1000 five star reviews! Plus, he offers a FREE 15 min Skype consultations with all orders! (upon request) 


best whiteboard animation services


2. Jessie Art Whiteboard Animation (Top Rated Seller)

This whiteboard animation package is an extraordinary value! The prices range from $30-$70 per gig.

You can get a high quality whiteboard animation with 3 CUSTOM graphics included per min, Music, 5 Revisions, and a Voice-over Recording. 

There are a lot of perks included in her whiteboard animation service.

  • Voice Over Recording
  • 60 Seconds Running Time
  • Background Music
  • Background Imagery

Jessie Art has 1,951 five star reviews on Fiverr! "Every single customer is VIP." This is an amazing whiteboard animation service that will reach your audience in a unique and engaging way! 


best whiteboard animation services


3. UniqueFivex Whiteboard Animation (Top Rated Seller)

If you want to engage your audience and boost customer loytalty, this is the service for you. UniqueFivex creates whiteboard animations on Fiverr that will be engaging for your customers to watch! The prices range from $60-$85 per gig.

You can get a high quality whiteboard animation with script writing, a custom voice over, and 1080p HD rendering. 

The whiteboard animation video includes:

  • Drawings motivated by your content from my Professional Stock Library (I can't make custom representations/movements)
  • Free branding adjustments !
  • Typography Animation
  • Your Logo
  • Sovereignty free music
  • Business Use

UniqueFivex has 1,766 five star reviews on Fiverr. I highly recommend this seller!


unique whiteboard animation services


Whiteboard Animation Services FAQ: 

How is the cost calculated?

This will depend on each seller's services. A common way of calculating cost for Whiteboard Animation Services is using the length of your video to determine the price. Length is calculated based on the word count of your script. This is a concrete way for sellers to calculate and is very accurate since they have refined the pricing over thousands of projects.

Will you own the full rights to the video?

Indeed. When accepting delivery, you will have full rights to the video and can utilize it wherever you need. There are no extra charges or necessities to pick up other rights. They are free from purchasing this services.

Do you get free Revisions?

There will be free Graphical amendments as referenced in the service page. Script and Voice-over modifications are excluded and may pull in additional charges. The changes/revisions ought to be mentioned within 15 days once the request has been sent. Every sellers packages has a different number of free revisions.

Why choose Fiverr for Your Next Whiteboard Explainer Video Project?

  • Price: Fiverr freelancers have fantastic prices that are much lower than big animation companies. The prices are very reasonable and get you the most value for your money.
  • Quality: Fiverr Top Rated Seller profiles are known for their outstanding quality. These animations services have been ordered thousands of times and have thousands of five star reviews.
  • Communication: You can easily message your seller and make requests throughout the animation process. Communication is critical for projects like this and Fiverr makes messaging simple.


There are so many whiteboard video services to choose from online, and finding the best service can be a tricky task. However, with our review guide, we showed you the top 3 services to choose from and narrow down your search

You should look for a service that can deliver quality results at a reasonable price! The whole point of an explainer video is to creatively convey a message. These services allow you to drive business results for your company. 

A small budget won't allow you to find the best professional services, but you can still find outstanding whiteboard animation services within your price range!

Look at these options on this list, ask the sellers for personalized quotes, and compare them to some of the other options you might be considering for this project. Take into account all the items that we went over, like production value, budget concerns, and customer feedback.

Then, you’ll have enough information to make a choice that aligns with your business needs!


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