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We are an affiliate site and may earn money from your purchase. It will not affect how much you pay.
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How To Use Fiverr to Scale Your E-commerce Business (3 Steps To Getting Big Results)


Have you heard about Fiverr and want to learn how to use it to scale your business successfully? Well, this is the article for you!

In 2020, Tim Ault (Founder of Sunglass Society) revealed an e-commerce scaling strategy he used that had a 5,356% success rate. This tactic helped him generate $8567.23 in revenue during August 2020 - November 2020, but he had only generated $159.97 from April 2020 - July 2020.


He called it the Fiverr Technique.


This technique involves outsourcing e-commerce tasks to experts on Fiverr. Tim found a Fiverr expert to redesign his website in July and has been working with a Facebook Ads expert from Fiverr since August.  Here is a graph to show how these tactics impacted his business. 


Ecommerce growth using fiverr


The Fiverr technique is an incredible way to find talented freelancers online who can help you scale your business. I know many people who use Fiverr to find freelancers for a variety of tasks including SEO, Web Design, and Advertising. There are similar case studies that show an impressive increase in revenue or traffic from buying services on Fiverr. 

Can using Fiverr help you scale a business online?

Well, the answer is yes and no. Not everyone who uses Fiverr buys services for their websites. One great part about Fiverr is that you can find experts in most industries. In my case, I have found that using Fiverr to scale an online business is one of the best returns on investment.

Later on in this post, I’ll explain how you can scale your own business using the Fiverr Technique and I’ll share some tips on how you can improve your chances of eCommerce success. 



What is the Fiverr Technique?

The Fiverr Technique is an online business strategy where you outsource work to experts on Fiverr to scale your business at a rapid pace.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You sign up for Fiverr for free and explore the different services they offer. 
  2. Purchase the services that will scale your business (listed below).
  3. Time = Money. Finding an expert to help you will save you time and money. Freeing up your time allows you to work on more important decision making.
  4. Measure the impact through an analytics tool to measure return on investment.

Here is a great example of how Sunglass Society was able to measure the difference in site traffic after buying services on Fiverr. Tim Ault hired a web designer to create a new site and implement better SEO on the site. Similarly, he also hired an expert to manually build backlinks to our site. As you can see, Tim’s traffic significantly improved since August 2020.



Step 1: Website Redesign

Here’s how Fiverr can redesign your e-commerce site

To scale a website, it is important to have a functional website that looks beautiful and runs quickly. A good first step is finding a Shopify Web Designer to help you design a website that integrates with a drop-shipping business model.


Website Design before Fiverr: (August 2018 - August 2020)
Website Design after Fiverr: (August 2020 - Present)

We suggest buying website design services from a Fiverr Pro Seller. Creating a website is a big deal and you should work with the best experts who have previous Shopify Web Design Experience. 



Step 2: Branding & Graphic Design

Here’s why it is important to have a brand that stands out.

Before you finalize your website design, you should consult with branding experts on Fiverr who can do the following things.

  1. Create a professional logo for your brand
  2. Create a social media kit
  3. Develop a brand guide regarding Fonts, Colors, and more

Your website will often succeed when the brand looks authentic, unique, and is aesthetically pleasing. That is why branding and graphic design is a key factor to consider when starting to scale your website or business. You should also read about how to make your brand stand out online.

Besides custom logos, Fiverr has a lot to offer for graphic design. They have amazing designers who can help turn sketches and ideas into real illustrations. You can find designers on Fiverr to help with Photoshop, Cartoon Creation, Adobe Illustrator and more.




Step 3: Website SEO 

Here’s how Fiverr can help boost your organic traffic

When getting started, you need to make sure you emphasize your SEO efforts because SEO will help you scale your business. SEO consists of 3 parts:

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO
  3. Technical SEO

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing web pages to rank higher and receive more relevant traffic in search engines. This can range from developing new content to rank on Google to optimizing existing content that already does well for SEO. You can find Fiverr experts to develop content strategies that consider On-Page SEO.

Off-page SEO is when you manually generate backlinks to your website by utilizing outreach strategies. This is a great skill to learn because it will help you develop your communication & persuasion skills. When you properly plan out your Off-page SEO and link building strategy, your organic traffic will explode upwards.

Technical SEO is a very important part of creating and optimizing a website. This includes technical things such as schema, page load time, alternative text, and more. Fiverr has a wide selection of Tech SEO experts who can take your website to the next level.

I would highly recommend exploring the various SEO services on Fiverr

Helpful course: SEO Fundamentals: The Ultimate Framework 

How to improve your chances of success with the Fiverr Technique

There is a lot of research you need to do to improve your chances of success when working with a Fiverr seller. When you buy something on Fiverr, think of yourself as a moderator who decides what is working and what is not working. Go into Fiverr with a clear idea of what services you need help with. Similarly, it will help if you have a basic understanding of the service you are getting help with because then you will be able to understand if the seller is doing a good or bad job. Also, I highly recommend reaching out to several sellers to get a better idea of their language skills, discover why they are qualified for the job, and find the best price for your budget. There are a ton of resources to learn about any service you want to buy on Fiverr. 

To reiterate:

  1. Know the basics of the service you are buying.
  2. Understand what services you need help with and explain it clearly to the seller you are working with.
  3. Contact multiple sellers first to find the best fit for your job.

Final Thoughts - Conclusion

Outsourcing work to experts on Fiverr can save you time/money and drive business results. The more effort you put into scaling your website with Fiverr, the more success you will have.

For my website, we have found success through 3 steps.

  1. Create a well-designed, functional website that works for your business.
  2. Coordinate with a branding expert to develop a custom logo and brand guidelines.
  3. Drive organic traffic to your website by emphasizing SEO efforts.

Not every website will work with this formula, but this is one of the most efficient strategies to scale your website online for the lowest cost. Over time, you will need to adjust your strategy and work with more sellers on Fiverr for services like advertising, video editing, and more.

We recommend starting small and scaling big with the help of Fiverr freelancers. If you can master the Fiverr Technique, you can make a lot of money and learn a lot about scaling e-commerce businesses. 

If you think I missed any other crucial Fiverr tips or strategies, please let me know in the comments!

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    Are all Fiverr services this effective? This post really wants to make me start using Fiverr to advance my own website.

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    Wow. I did not know Fiverr could have this much of an impact. I will be using Fiverr in the future!

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