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We are an affiliate site and may earn money from your purchase. It will not affect how much you pay.
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How To Set Up A Fiverr Account - Fiverr Sign Up Guide

Fiverr is a marketplace of skilled freelancers who can turn your dreams into reality. if you're having trouble with running part of your business or need to turn to a freelancer for help, Fiverr is the right place. Fiverr will connect you to experts who can do anything from making social media kits to ghostwriting a book to whiteboard animations.  

How To Create An Fiverr Account:

Step 1: Click the button to open the Fiverr Homepage in a new tab. 

Step 2: Sign up with your email or by logging into your Facebook, Google, or Apple account. I recommend using your primary email or Google account.

  • Enter your email and press continue.
  • Or, click continue with Facebook/Google/Apple.



Step 3: Enter the username and password you would like to use.


Step 4: Open your email to activate your account! (It will give you this alert before you can start buying services on Fiverr.)


Step 5: Click activate account!


Congrats, you have successfully created an account on Fiverr! 


You can then find sellers who can help you with specific tasks. A lot of users find Fiverr helpful when it comes to graphic design and blog content creation. Think of your time as money and so by outsourcing some of these creative or tedious tasks, you can save time and money. The name Fiverr was because of the fact you can find great services starting at just $5. So, you can find people to complete jobs that range from $5 to thousands of dollars.


What is Fiverr?

  • Fiverr is "an online marketplace that is changing how the world works together. Fiverr’s platform connects businesses with on-demand freelance talent offering digital services in more than 400 categories, across 8 verticals including graphic design, digital marketing, programming, video and animation."

Fiverr customers can also count on

  • not paying until they receive the work from the freelancer
  • getting quality output from a variety of experienced and pro sellers
  • quick turnaround of a few days
  • ability to message freelancers and ask questions about their services
  • a variety of prices for every budget
  • dedicated customer support and much more!
create fiverr account today

Why Should You Sign Up For A Fiverr Account?

It may or may not be worth your time depending on your business goals. There are perks to buying gigs on fiverr. It's a lot more trustworthy to buy from a seller on Fiverr than it is to find someone random on Facebook or Craigslist. Plus, with Fiverr you can make sure your money is safe through an escrow system. You put the amount you want to pay into a 3rd party safe and the seller does not receive the money until you are satisfied with the word. This is a lot better than sending the money up front to the seller and hoping they have good enough morals to deliver the service they offered. 

Entrepreneurs & business owners are also a prime target market for creating a fiverr account. If you want to be your own boss, you will learn you can't do everything yourself. To run a business, you need to have good marketing, logistics, finances, data, and much more.

  • If you want someone to create posts for you to publish on Instagram, turn to Fiverr.
  • If you want someone to make a compelling whiteboard animation that explains your business to customers online, turn to Fiverr.
  • If you want someone to create a mailing list & email marketing system based on a spreadsheet of clients emails and names, turn to Fiverr.


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Difference Between Fiverr & Fiverr Pro

Fiverr is a free service that you can use to find freelancers for projects starting at just $5. There is no vetting process so you have to look at reviews and message the freelancer to make sure they seem qualified. It can be hit or miss when you buy a cheap $5 gig. For example, no experienced writer will offer a 1500 word article for just $5. So sometimes when Fiverr seems to good to be true, that's because it is.

Fiverr Pro is a service where the cost to hire freelancers is much more expensive. This is because Fiverr Pro freelancers are the cream of the crop. They charge rates that are similar to agencies because they realize their time is money and their services are valuable. Here is a brief helpful Fiverr Pro guide.

 fiverr account advertisment


Is Fiverr Worth It?

Yes! Since it is free to sign up, you should. Signing up is the only way to browse gigs and look at all the available services Fiverr offers. I have used Fiverr and Fiverr Pro this year to outsource work. 9/10 experiences have been positive and have helped my business. I wrote a 2021 Fiverr Review you can read to learn more.


Is Fiverr Legit?

Fiverr is legit and it works really well to get your business to maximize value. You can buy things like articles, video editing services, voice overs and more with peace of mind that it will get done well, quickly, and at a low price. I would recommend Fiverr because it is legit. Now some sellers may not be as experienced as others but you can look for Fiverr Pros or Fiverr Top Rated Sellers to make sure you get your moneys worth.



To sum up this article, Fiverr is a platform which connects freelancers and buyers looking for short term project help. It's free to sign up for Fiverr and only costs money when you buy a project on the platform. It's a great way to scale your business because you can save time by outsourcing work. I have had positive experiences with this platform so I would highly recommend signing up today.

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