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We are an affiliate site and may earn money from your purchase. It will not affect how much you pay.
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Design Your Dream House With 5 Home Design Websites

Design Your Dreamhouse: Brentwood Farmhouse


When you are designing your dream home, you want to make sure you have access to the best resources to build something wonderful. My goal is to help you create a comfortable environment that is inspiring, warm, and unique.

Many factors play an essential yet necessary part of your home design and finding a custom architecture design website is one of them. It is possible to design your home perfectly so you can be happy for years to come. The best online design providers can help you create resources like floor plans, custom blueprints, and more.


design your dream home


Today, we are going to review five industry websites that provide home designing services for their users. These house plan websites will provide you with trusted experts and designers who are on a mission to help you design a dream home. Below is my favorite website, Fiverr, offering custom architecture services that will help you design your dream home.


1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular website that allows you to hire industry experts who provide various freelancing services ranging from creating personalized home landscape designs to constructing custom floor plans. With the help of Fiverr, it is very easy to find the right person for your job. Also, you can read through each expert’s profile & reviews to verify that they are the right person for your job.

Most freelancers have years of experience in their industry providing similar services to thousands of customers like yourself. Similarly, Fiverr verifies that each seller delivers on their project by not paying the seller until the customer approves of the finished product.

Also, Fiverr lists each seller as a certain level, and the top-rated level on Fiverr must have completed over 100 orders, earning over $20,000 total with an average 4.7-star rating. As you can see the Top-Rated Sellers on Fiverr (which I will recommend below) have an amazing track record of providing top-notch services at reasonable prices.

custom home design


Best 2D Architectural Blueprints & Drawings


This subsection talks about the top Architectural 2D drawings services on Fiverr. Normal 2D architectural drawings contain dimensions of a property, and the layout of basic building structures such as electricity, pipes, ventilation, etc. The standard packages include a scheme for every supply system.

1.    Architectural Drawings & Complete House Plan Package

 If you want 2D drawings for your new dream house plan, avoid spending roughly $1,600 on a generic house plan. You deserve the house of your dreams that is inviting, warm, and bubbly. I highly recommend purchasing the standard package which contains a 2-level house drawing in AutoCAD for only $350. (Up to 2,000 Square Feet) If you need a drawing over 2,000 SF the package will cost $500.


This drawing will contain a custom site plan, working floor plans with area calculation, a roof plan, elevations, an electrical plan, a plumbing plan, an HVAC plan Door, and a window schedule.


The seller is a professional civil engineer with a 5-star project average on and over 1,000 trusted reviews. Please contact the seller if you are interested in learning more about his service.



Further information: I recommend hiring this architect to create drawings and then finding a 3rd party contractor to build the house. Similarly, the plans you can purchase here are purely architectural and you will need a stamp of approval from a 3rd party structural engineer if your state requires it.

Here is a list of states where a stamp is required. As an example, I am a resident of Ohio (no seal required) so I could order this package and start building my dream house within a few weeks.


Here are two pictures of drawings listed in the seller’s portfolio:

(Floor Plan Drawing – Bought from Fiverr Standard Package)


(Front & Rear Elevation Drawings – Bought from Fiverr Standard Package)


2.   Creative Architectural Blueprints

This service is for Architectural Blueprint drawings using AutoCAD so you can get one step closer to your dream home. I recommend the premium package for $325 which contains a complete drawing set for any home area up to 1800 square feet. This architect has been drawing since 1995 and has 200 reviews that are all 5 stars.


This Architectural blueprint is an outline for your upcoming dream home project. Creative architectural designs allow you to make a construction document for your new home.


Choosing this package for your design needs could be the best decision you make for building your dream house. This package is great for a simple/smaller house or addition.



Here are two pictures of drawings listed in the seller’s portfolio:

(Home Addition Drawing – Bought from Fiverr Premium Package)


(First Floor Plan Drawing – Bought from Fiverr Premium Package)



Best 3D Model and Rendering Services


This subsection talks about the top Architectural 3D Modeling & Rendering services on Fiverr. According to Design Blendz, 3D Architectural models allow a physical representation of architectural design. Having a custom 3D architectural model allows everyone to quickly see and understand the scale and proportion of your proposed project. 



1.   Best 3D Realistic Rendering

It is essential to have the best 3D realistic rendering for your architectural design. This seller is a Verified Team of Professionals on Fiverr from Asia. They have over 8 years of experience in architectural 3d rendering, interior/ exterior design, and have consistently produced high-quality work at reasonable prices.


I was blown away by the detail shown in these renderings and the prices were a bit out of my range for the offering. The basic package will provide 1 rendering for $120. The premium package will provide two 3D renders with the environment, people, furniture, texturing and lighting for $550. Look below to see some of their past work. To view all the pictures, click the learn more button.




Here are three pictures of the 3D Models & Renderings listed in the seller’s portfolio:


2.  Interior Design/Floor Plan 3D Model

In the category of interior designing services, this one plays a big part. The type of internal design materials (flooring, walls, finishes…) and exterior design materials (roofing, paneling, paint…) are essential to consider when designing a dream house.


This package will allow you to fully gauge how your dream house will look once it is complete. You just need to send the designer your completed 2D architectural drawing and some example images. The value of this package is incredible! For $250, you can have an elegant architectural walkthrough, 4 renderings, and a full 3D model of your design. Additionally, you can get 3 renderings and basic 3D modeling for $60.





Here are two pictures of the 3D Models & Renderings listed in the seller’s portfolio:

(Realistic 3D Model – Bought on Fiverr)


(Kitchen Rendering – Bought on Fiverr)


3.   Dream Home Interior/ Exterior 3D Rendering


This service allows you to get a rough idea of your desired home design. These 3D Models & Renders can help you envision your dream house.

  • The pricing on the first basic package was too low. ($60)
  • The pricing on the second premium package was too high. ($550)
  •  The pricing on this standard premium package is just right. ($200) 

You can get a super realistic rendering with this premium package. Below are some visuals of past work. To view all the pictures, click the learn more button.




Here are three pictures of the 3D Models & Renderings listed in the seller’s portfolio:

Plan and Design Your Custom Project From Start To Finish

Why go with a few different sellers to ideate house designs, build plans, sketch them in AutoCAD, and create 3D Models/renders when you can get everything in one place? This Professional Architect and designer will produce floor plans, ceiling, elevations, sections exterior & interior renders.

The freelancer is a super skilled, Fiverr Pro verified, Architectural Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in building projects and BIM Models. He is also a Revit Certified Professional and a Black belted 3D Design Coordinator. 

To view all the pictures, click the learn more button.





 Here are four pictures listed in the seller’s portfolio:


Other Top Rated House Plan Websites:


2. DFD House Plans

Direct From The Designers House Plans are an excellent option for those searching for affordable and quality house plans. Whether you want to upgrade your kitchen or place useful and innovative flooring materials in your house, you can easily refer to this "home design website. It provides you various home designs in which you can make desirable changes and specify changes that you would like. If you are a nature lover, different designs, and customized plans for craftsman-styled homes are available. Ranch houses and Country style houses are also easy to upgrade using the DFD house plans. When you buy house plans from Direct From The Designers, they come directly from the Architects and Designers who created them.


3. Pulte

If you are looking for customized home construction and furnishing plans, you can refer to this website. Pulte offers floor plans, design tools, design tips, and more. Pulte will help you find unique and attractive customized plans for your home floors. You can use their kitchenology plan if you want to give a new look to your kitchen that is pleasing and attractive for all.


 4. Architectural Designs

Architectural designs let you enjoy services from the professionals who have been working for over forty years. The best thing about this website is the trust of the clients they have been keeping for a long time. Because of this trust, the architectural designs have a big name in the home design service providers industry. The quality service providers are a group of architectural and design experts in North America. You can get the basic plans or even go for the customized expensive ones. You can get an account of all the total expenses using their expense calculator and then decide which home plan suits you the most.


 5. Builder House Plans

With the help of this home design website, you can find unique floor plans for your house. If you are a member of this website, you can get a discount of around five percent when you place an order for the first time. Other than that, you can get discounts on the original sale prices.



There are many things you need to keep in mind when renovating or designing a new home. Floor plans and architectural styles are two essential things in home designing. You are free to buy customized plans on Fiverr, or premade floor plans from the other websites listed above. One thing to emphasize is that you should do more research about the service providers before you hire them or place a booking for their service. There are plenty of floor plans, 3D modeling services, and other design services available for building a new dream home. It is essential to choose such lenders that are trusted and have the right name in providing quality services which you are looking for.


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