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Best Tire Inflator (Review & Buying Guide) 2019

The Best Tire Inflators of 2019

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With some cutting edge vehicles coming equipped with run flat tires and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), a typical misguided judgment is that a compact tire inflator or air blower is never again a need. Yet, that is not the case since tires can lose air after some time regardless of whether you have a cut tire. Owning your own tire inflator implies you can advantageously and routinely check your tire weight, ensuring they're in an ideal range. Under-expanded or overinflated tires can have a heap of antagonistic consequences for your driving knowledge, possibly influencing your mileage and tire wear. Obtaining a tire inflator is a little interest in helping ensure your tires keep going to the extent that this would be possible, setting aside you cash over the long haul.

In all honesty, there is certifiably not a ton separating the compact tire inflators or air blowers accessible available. Be that as it may, some are fabricated superior to other people, which makes them progressively dependable and liable to keep going quite a while. On the off chance that time is critical to you, you'll need to see which items blow up a tire faster, while others have a greatest weight limit. Ultimately, you'll need to focus on whether the item utilizes a 12-volt vehicle outlet or a standard electrical plug. It's progressively helpful to buy a 12-volt air blower, along these lines you can keep it in your vehicle and use it in a hurry. However, remember a portion of the present vehicles are outfitted with a standard electrical plug, so we incorporate a couple of proposals for those too. Here are our picks for the best compact tire inflators.day’s vehicles are equipped with a standard power outlet, so we include a few recommendations for those as well. Here are our picks for the best portable tire inflators.


My Picks For The 5 Best Tire Inflators:

1. SuperFlow® MV-90 Heavy Duty Air Compressor

Rated by: Bennett


tiree inflator


Capacity: 12 Volts 

Pressure: Up to 120 psi 

Airflow Rate: 6400 cubic inches per minute 

Also on this list is the SuperFlow® MV-90 Air Compressor. Perfect for big vehicles, inflating tires with at least 35 inches is this equipment’s forte.

Working 25% faster than units from the same brand, you won’t wonder why it could be your next best tire inflator.

With the vehicle battery as its power source when puffing up large tires using alligator clips, the SuperFlow® MV-90 Air Compressor can inflate car tires in about two minutes. It comes with a 24-feet coil hose and inline pressure gauge with a rugged base plate. 

With a maximum airflow of 6400 cubic inches per minute, the SuperFlow® MV-90 Air Compressor has your back.

The SuperFlow® MV-90 Air Compressor has a sturdy and heavy duty build which makes it perfect for the tires of SUVs, trucks, tractors, and RVs.


“Very impressed! Very Happy with quality, volume and performance of this compressor. Caring bag is a little week, but good enough. I had a compressor from Cabalas, sub-standard compared to this SuperFlow.”


Inflates tires really quickly

Fairly easy to use



Unit heats up easily


Inaccurate pressure gauge

Do you want a silent tire inflator to work with? Check the SuperFlow® MV-90 Air Compressor now!

tire inflator


2. Slime Pro Power 12-Volt Tire Inflator

Rated by: Bennett

tire pro

Capacity: 12 Volts 

Pressure: Up to 150 PSI 

Airflow Rate: n/a 

Dealing with car troubles won’t be that troublesome anymore with Slime Pro Heavy Duty 12-Volt Tire Inflator.

Achieve smooth road trips and maximize tire life with the great 12-volt power and a 150 PSI compressor. Inflating most car tires within about three minutes, be ready to take on lots of adventure and travels.

With its 16 feet hose and quick release coupler, dealing with tire problems will be a breeze. Pressure reading is made easy with its accurate gauge topped with a bright LED light. 

The Slime Pro Heavy Duty 12-Volt Tire Inflator is also user-friendly as it has a dual power switch made separately for the light and compressor.

Made for every car owner’s convenience and easy storage, this tire inflator comes with a canvas bag. The Slime Pro Heavy Duty 12-Volt Tire Inflator isn’t limited only to car tires as it can also be used to inflate balls, rafts, mattresses, and more. You might be looking at your potential best tire inflator.


“The compressor itself seems well made. I've used it around 20 times and it keeps on working. Just yesterday, I needed to add air to one of my motorcycle tires, then the pickup truck needed one tire filled, and the Subaru needed both front tires filled.”


Functional compressor

Works silently



Gets hot easily

Consists of plastic heat sink and pressure gauge

Not long-lasting

Do you need a tire inflator that is portable and lightweight? You may want to check this Slime Pro Heavy Duty 12-Volt Tire Inflator and see for yourself!

low price

3. Miady Digital Tire Inflator


Rated by: Bennett



 tire pump inflator

Capacity: 12 Volts 

Pressure: Up to 150 PSI 

Airflow Rate: 60 liter per minute 

Included on this list is the Miady Digital Tire Inflator that’s packed with lots of features. Featuring its multiple functions, your vehicle is ensured to perform at its maximum level.

Compared to ordinary pumps, Miady Digital Tire Inflator gives a better performance with its dual cylinders and dual motor pumps. Inflating tires is done best with this tire inflator in about a minute with a speed of 60L/min.

Owning a plug and play feature, your car battery can be your power source through alligator clamps.

One of the most noteworthy features of Miady Digital Tire Inflator is that it automatically stops inflating when the pre-set pressure value is reached. It has a 16-inch outlet tube and an additional 8-foot PVC air hose, which lets you reach all wheels of your vehicle easily. Featuring three extra pumping nozzles, LED lights, and a digital gauge, inflating your tire vehicles have never been this easy.


“I live in rural area where it takes about 30min drive to go body shop to fix my tire issues and it costs more than $30! So, I decided to get reliable tire inflator which I can use it for longterm without many issues”


Used easily with car cigarette lighter

Sturdy construction

Practical LCD screen



Hard to understand instructions

Relatively noisy when used

Heats up easily

A small and easy-to-use tire inflator? The Miady Digital Tire Inflator might be the one you need!

tire inflators for sale

4. JACO SmartPro 2.0 AC/DC Digital Tire Inflator Pump


Rated by: Bennett

tire inflatot

Capacity: 12 Volts 

Pressure: Up to 100 psi 

Airflow Rate: 30 liters per minute 

Adding to your dilemma on what to choose as the best tire inflator for your car is the JACO SmartPro 2.0 Digital Tire Inflator.

Featuring its SmartPressure Technology and other handy features, upgrade your car essentials by having this tire inflator with you at all times.

This reliable tire inflator pump can be used with AC or DC power. The pump has an airflow rate of 30L/min, which gives an average inflating time off about three minutes for an average-sized car. The JACO SmartPro 2.0 includes a 24-inch air hose which features a brass twist-connect nozzle and a built-in air bleeder valve.

With its LED safety light with three different settings, this tire inflator saves the day, especially in times of emergencies. Included in the package are items like a carry bag and an adapter nozzle accessories for inflatables. The JACO SmartPro 2.0 makes a smart choice because it’s both energy-efficient and works soundlessly.


“WORTH EVERY PENNY! Flat tire on my trailer, filled at the barn! Low air in my car, filled at my parking spot. Top off all the truck tires, done! The only thing that would make this better is a longer 12V cord as it can't reach my trailer tires even with a 12V extension cord.”


Works quietly

Has a standard size

Inflates pretty quickly



Poor quality

Unreliable AC mode

Hose may not be long enough

A straightforward and portable tire inflator? You can have yours with this JACO SmartPro 2.0 Digital Tire Inflator!

tire inflatoe


5. MasterFlow MF-1050 12-Volt Portable Air Compressor


Rated by: Bennett



Check latest price

Capacity: 12 Volts 

Pressure: Up to 150 psi 

Airflow Rate: 6400 cubic inches per minute 

Engineered to make every car owner’s life easy and convenient the MasterFlow MF-1050 12V Portable Air Compressor Tire Inflator might be your best tire inflator. It has a 12-volt compressor power, including a 10-foot heavy duty power cord. This air compressor also boasts its 16-foot self-coiling hose which gives a fast connection and easy twisting of the inflator.

The sturdiness and multifunctionality of the MasterFlow MF-1050 makes it very irresistible, as it does not only inflate truck tires, but also any inflatable household items.

The MF-1050 owns an appropriately-sized direct drive motor, which allows more efficient airflow and results in faster inflation time.

Designed for your convenience, the MF-1050 can be stored quite easily and has its own durable nylon storage bag. It fits neatly under most truck seats, so carrying it wherever is not a problem. The MF-1050 can be used very easily by attaching it to your car battery using alligator clips, inflating tires within about two minutes.


“So far so good, filled my truck tires in quick order, easy to use, a little on the heavy side but I'm good with that, only time will tell to see if it holds up. But all in all - fast, convenient, and lightweight. Excellent to have if you own an RV”


Pumps quickly

Good hose and cord length

Great quality carry bag 



Occasionally slows down when a high pressure is reached

Inaccurate pressure reading

Low quality air filter

Speed and efficiency are the things that you might get if you choose to buy the MasterFlow MF-1050 12V Air Compressor Tire Inflator today!

check price tire inflator

Bonus Tip: How to Properly Inflate your Tires

It’s recommended that you purchase your own portable tire inflator or air compressor so you can refill your tires at home. There’s a wide range of portable inflators and air compressors available, some that use your car’s built-in 12-volt cigarette lighter, or a standard power outlet. More powerful compressors that fill up tires quicker will need to hook up to your car’s battery. Most 12-volt inflators won’t do the job quickly, but they’re more convenient and you won’t have to pay to use an air compressor at a gas station.

If you don’t want to purchase a portable inflator, most gas stations will have an air compressor. Some stations charge and some don’t. Once you’ve determined which method you’ll be using to refill your tires, follow these steps:

  1. Pull in as close to the compressor as possible, if you’re using one at a gas station. This way you can easily access all four tires without having to move your vehicle.
  2. Remove the valve stem caps from all four wheels and put them in your pocket or somewhere you won’t lose them.
  3. Turn on the compressor and push the hose fitting down on the valve stem. You should be able to tell if the tire is being inflated.
  4. Most air compressors will have a built-in gauge so you can check your tire pressure while you are refilling. Digital air compressors, some of which are available at gas stations, allow you to set your desired tire pressure and the compressor will automatically shut off once it reaches that value.
  5. It’s better to overinflate your tires when using a compressor, since it’s easy to let air back out of your tires afterwards.
  6. Adjust all four tires the same way. If you are refilling after your tires are warmed up, you will want to inflate about 3 PSI over the recommended value. Make sure to check your tire pressure once your tires are cold.
  7. Once you’re done refilling all four tires, do a final check on the pressure with your digital gauge. You will want to do this when the tires are cold.
  8. Reinstall your valve stem caps.


I hope this list of the best tire inflators was helpful.

If you think I left out one that is important or have a suggestion for a future article, let me know in the comments below.

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