#1 Trusted Guide On The Amazon Prime Discount for Seniors (2021)

amazon prime discount for seniors

Are you a senior or family member looking to sign up for Amazon Prime? I will explain who is entitled to a discount and show you how to redeem it! Read more now!

    Do Seniors Get A Discount On Amazon Prime?

    • In order to get a discount on Amazon Prime as a senior, you must have a valid EBT Card or are on Medicaid. You can get a big discount on Amazon Prime which will only cost $5.99 per month.
    • There are plenty of other senior citizen discounts I encourage you to check out. Here is a list of 10 senior discounts to look at after you read this article. 

    How Much Is Amazon Prime For Seniors?

    The original cost of Amazon Prime is $12.99 but if you qualify, you can get if for the cost of $5.99 per month. This is really helpful for senior citizens with diminishing retirement funds.

    Once again, If you have a valid EBT card, you are eligible for the Amazon Prime Discount. Your EBT card qualifies you for Amazon Prime at just $5.99 a month. Seniors can get discounts on things like Amazon Business & can get Amazon Prime Wardrobe for free. 

    Unfortunately, Amazon Prime is not free for seniors. It will cost $12.99 per month before the discount and $5.99 per month after the Senior Citizen Discount is applied. Wouldn't it be great if you could have a free account? Well, you can sign up for a free Amazon Business Account! If you want to read about the Amazon Business program, check out Ecommerce Business Review. On the off chance you are a senior (in school), you can get an Amazon Prime Student Discount!


    How To Sign Up For An Amazon Senior Discount in 4 Steps: 

    Step 1: 

    Click "Sign up for Amazon senior discount". It'll bring you to the Amazon Prime senior discount page and you can just click Get started.

    Step 2:  

    You can either qualify using your EBT information or your Medicaid information.

    So let's say that you wanted to use your EBT. You would just enter in your EBT number, choose your issuing state and upload an image of your card.

    Step 3: 

    It's pretty similar for signing up with Medicaid. You can send a one time password and then verify your account in that way. Then, you will enter your medicaid information.

    Step 4:

    ENJOY your senior discount and free 30 day Amazon Prime Trial! I would also recommend signing up for Fiverr! You can find expert freelancers who offer services like logo design, article writing, website help and read our fiverr review!


      Featured Products For Seniors

      Here are 3 products you can buy from Amazon that will make your life easier! These products are great for senior citizens and are worth the investment.

      1. Ring Doorbell

      This is a great product for older adults and seniors. The ring doorbell allows you see, hear and speak with anyone at your door - before letting them in. It works great for family caregivers because you can receive mobile notifications anytime someone comes to your parent's door. It is also great because it enhances your security.


      2. Amplified Cordless Phone with Answering Machine


      Life was a little easier before cell phones. However, this machine is just like the old fashioned electronic home phones. This product is a must have for seniors that are hard of hearing because it will amplify the call and it is easy to use.


      3. Toilet Rail Bathroom Safety Assist

      This is an essential product to have in your bathroom for safety and support. It makes using the bathroom easy and you have something to hold onto for assistance. Plus, it comes with a spot to store you magazines so you have something to look at.



      What else comes with Amazon Prime?

      There are so many perks but here are some of our favorites:

      1. Free 1-day shipping on millions of items, with no minimum purchase. Even if you buy a $5 book, it’ll arrive in 24 hours. Amaozn has a lot of great items with free shipping.
      2. Free same-day delivery Some cities get a free same-day (or one-day) shipping on orders over $35 made before 9 a.m. Orders made after 9 a.m. for these cities can get next-day free shipping.
      3. Access to Amazon VideoPrime Video is a video streaming service available for Amazon Prime members. With an eligible Amazon Prime membership, you have access to thousands of Prime Video titles at no additional cost.
      4. Prime Reading: This service allows you to borrow more than 1,000 books, magazines, and comics, and doesn’t require a Kindle (though you do need the Kindle app.) You’re allowed to borrow 10 at a time for free.
      5. Prime Discount at Whole Foods: For Prime members, shopping at Whole Foods comes with a 10% discount on sale items and select weekly best-sellers. Learn more about how to get your Amazon Prime Whole Foods Discount.
      6. Access to Amazon Prime Day: View the top Amazon prime day deals!



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