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What is an Amazon Wedding Registry? A Complete Guide


Planning a wedding can be stressful and expensive, but throwing a wedding gives you the opportunity to share your special day with friends and family members, and of course, it also gives you a chance to get all sorts of exciting gifts too! Most engaged couples set up a wedding registry in order to let their guests know exactly what items they're hoping to receive. It's easy setting up a registry at many stores, but few registry options can compare with building a wedding registry at Amazon. Amazon's wedding registry system is simple to use, powerful and it gives you access to discounts, gift reminders, group gifting features, and much more. Between all the special features you get with an Amazon wedding registry, you'll find it hard to resist setting up your list on the platform.


Why You Should Sign up for an Amazon Wedding Registry

If you decide to create your wedding registry on Amazon, you'll open yourself up to a variety of exciting benefits. Not only do you get access to a huge selection of items to add to your registry, but you'll enjoy fast shipping, a Group Gifting feature, potential bonus gifts, up to 180 days to return items you don't want, and powerful financing options that your friends and family members can use to get you the items you want or need.


Amazon's Wedding Registry program also offers you a useful Thank You gift tracker. The tool will tell you exactly who bought what for you, making it easier than ever to send out all your Thank You notes after your big day!



How to Create an Amazon Wedding Registry

Visit this Wedding Registration link and input you and your partner's names. Walk through each of the next six form steps to set up your registry and start enjoying the benefits of the system. It's a simple process to go through to register, and when you're finished setting up your registry, you can start adding items to your list.

The forms only take a few minutes to fill out; each asks a simple question you can answer with just a few words or less.



How to Add Items to Your Registry

Adding items to your wedding registry is quick and easy to do. To add a new item, visit the product page for it and select the "Add to Wedding Registry" button. This is an option that works just the same as a Wish List. Once you've chosen to add an item to your registry, it gets saved to that last for everyone to see, to purchase off of, or combine together for a group purchase.  

If you aren't sure exactly what to add to your registry, there are built-in tools to help you with that as well Amazon offers a Gift Advisor tool that recommends gift ideas based on your preferences and what is popular for others that have wedding registries with Amazon. Here are 40 Amazon Wedding Registry Ideas There are also featured brands and collections to look through for ideas. Between all these different tools and the simple process to add items to your registry, you can fill up your list quickly and easily.

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How to Invite Guests to Your Registry

The moment you finish signing up for a registry for you and your significant other, you can create a custom link to give to everyone you know so they can use your list. Create a memorable link and start sending it out to everyone you know.


As you send out the link, you'll have friends and family members that begin to visit your registry and pick out different items. Be sure to send an invitation to everyone that's going to attend your wedding.


Get a Discount on Items that Remain

Once you create your Wedding Registry, people on your list will begin purchasing the items for you. Once everyone's done buying items for you, and your wedding date passes, you'll have the opportunity to purchase the remaining items on your list to help you get everything you were hoping for at a discounted rate. Different discounts are applied to the items that remain, but you can get up to 20% off the total purchase price of the items after you've gone through the registration process.


Setting up a wedding registry is a fun and exciting process, and things are improved even more when you go through the process at Amazon. You'll only spend a few minutes registering for your registry, then you and your partner can have fun adding items to your list and dreaming about your big day. Once you're happy with your list, form your special link and start inviting your guests to look over your registry, Everyone will enjoy how simple the registry is to use, and guests will love the powerful financing and group gifting features that are available.


Frequently Asked Questions


Should I sign up for a wedding registry at Amazon?

Yes, absolutely! If you're planning a wedding currently, you should create an Amazon Wedding Registry to give your guests access to hundreds of thousands of different items. Use the huge selection to choose the things you love and then unlock impressive features. Click here to get started!


Are there certain items I should put on my registry?

While you're free to put any items on your list that you like, some traditional items include kitchen appliances, cookware, glassware, household decor pieces, bath towels and linens, outdoor items, and more. Look through wedding gift lists for ideas, or just choose things that you're interested in.


Do I have to be a Prime member to create an Amazon Wedding Registry?

No, you don't need to have an Amazon Prime membership to register for a Wedding Registry. You can even add a Prime Membership to your registry, and one of your guests might gift it to you for fast shipping all year long!


How can I get 20% off my registry items?

To get the 20% discount on select registry items, create your registry and share the list with everyone you know. What your guests don't purchase for you for your big day, you can buy at a reduced price. Some of the items will be discounted the full 20%.


Does creating a registry take a long time?

No, not at all. You can sign up for a registry in just a few minutes, and you can add all the items to your list quickly and easily.

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