Amazon Prime Whole Foods Discount Guide

What is the Amazon prime Whole Foods Discount?

The Amazon Prime Whole Foods discount offers a vide variety of discounts around the store. Each week there are new exclusive discounts for Amazon Prime members. We highly recommend taking advantage of the discount if you are an existing Amazon Prime Member. If you are senior you can also get an Amazon Senior Discount



Prime Savings | Whole Foods Market

What are some benefits of using the Amazon Prime Whole Foods Discount?

  1. Voice Shopping using Alexa. "Hey Alexa, order me some apples." With Alexa, you can add groceries to your cart and get fresh food from Whole Foods. You can add items to your cart with Alexa, review the grocery items and schedule a delivery!
  2. Great Deals On Food. Prime members get exclusive weekly coupons, and an extra 10% off hundreds of specialty items from the store (excluding alcohol). 
  3. Free 2-hour grocery delivery. Free 2-hour delivery is available in some select ZIP codes. If delivery isn't available for your location, don't worry. Amazon Whole Foods is expanding and may come to a city near you.
  4. Rewards points. 
    1. You can get 5% on every purchase with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card and an Amazon Prime membership
    2. Cardmembers without an eligible Prime membership earn 3% Back on purchases made at our stores. 


How to get the Amazon Prime Whole Foods Discount

Follow the instructions below to receive your Amazon Prime Whole Foods Discount:

1. Visit the Amazon Prime Whole Foods Discount. (Click the link to open the page in a new tab)

2. If you are an Amazon Prime Member, you are eligible for the discount. If you don't have the Whole Foods App, you will need to download it first and update your mobile number settings.



3. Go to the Amazon Whole Foods page to view the discount code. Click "View Code".


Amazon Whole Foods View Code Page


4. You now have your code. You can scan it at Whole Foods to receive the discount! (example code below - not available to scan)


Congrats! Now you know how to access your Amazon Prime Whole Foods Discount QR Code.

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