Ultimate Amazon Holiday Gift Guide 2020

On Tuesday October 13th Amazon is hosting Amazon Prime Day. In order to prepare, they sent out a holiday gift guide for the 2020 season. We are here to show you the best deals for this season of shopping. Plus, we will teach you how to use the new Amazon Gift Finder tool to get the best presents for your friends & family.

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Amazon has some of the hottest electronics that are selling out quickly this holiday season! Amazon’s Holiday Electronics Gift Guide highlights the top tech presents to get right now. No matter what your budget is, they can help you find the right gift. 

About Amazon Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Amazon is the best when it comes to personalized gift recommendations! They have access to data of the most popular gifts this season. Plus, Amazon has past purchase data so they can recommend other products you might be interested in. Some great gift ideas are wireless earbuds or new robot vacuums.

One of the hottest gifts mentioned in the Amazon Gift Guide is the New Apple Watch SE. This new watch is in hot demand and is forecasted to be a holiday season bestseller. 

Another great gift you can get is the Sony 65-inch X900H. It originally costs $1399.99 but on Amazon Prime Day, it is cut down to $970. The savings are almost as big as the smart tv itself. I would highly recommend this smart tv!


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Amazon Launchpad - Spend $10, Get $10

You can find unique and unexpected gift ideas from emerging brands or shop more innovative products on Amazon Launchpad.

Amazon Launchpad is a new way to support small businesses and find creative gifts. Plus, Amazon Prime Members can get $10 to spend on Amazon Prime Day if they spend $10 on gifts from small businesses.

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How To Use Amazon Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Amazon will provide suggestions of what to buy based on what you are looking for! There is a variety of guides ranging from home/kitchen products to electronics & more.

  1. Go to the Amazon Gift Guide page and look through gift guide topics.
  2. Set your budget for shopping and pick who you are shopping for.
  3. Compare gift options and buy your present.

Extra Gift Ideas


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