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What Is A Visionary Entrepreneur

visionary entreprenuer

What is a Visionary Entrepreneur?

This term visionary seems to get used a lot these days.  Last week someone asked me if people know what I mean by the term, visionary entrepreneur.

Those words are in the subtitle of my book and these are the exact people my book is being created for. (Wiser and Wilder: A Soulful Journey for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs)

Although the meaning seems obvious to me,  I thought, “what if I had to define it, what would I say?”  

So here are  three main things that helps define who a visionary entrepreneur is.

Is this you?

1.   World Changer. You have more than just a vision for your business.  Your vision certainly needs to include your financial goals and your picture that of what kind business you want to create in the future. Every good business owner does this. However, as a true visionary entrepreneur, your passion is to deeply make a difference in the world and have a desire for real change. Your vision is way bigger than your business and can include social change and reflects a profound reason for doing your work.

2. Personal Vision. You not only want to make a significant difference, but you also want to feel personally fulfilled in what you do. It’s important that you are doing exactly what your heart and soul is meant to express in this lifetime. In this regard, you are following your own unique vision and it over flows and overlaps into your business. You may have had a job that was ok and provided challenges but it wasn’t your purpose. As a visionary entrepreneur you are actualizing your purpose via your business.

3. Innovative and creative.  You look at things in unique ways, willing to take risks, and do what’s not been done before. Some of your ideas might not seem to fly financially, so it can be about overcoming huge obstacles and looking at how to make it all work.  You choose to hang around with a tribe who is similar to you and won’t try to hold you back. A visionary entrepreneur learns how to combine their creativity and passion with their entrepreneurial side.

visionary entreprenuer

The two things  that stop most visionaries from creating a business that works is lack of business skills and having a scarcity mindset. The most successful visionaries are those people who have risked everything and hired the best expert help.  It’s about changing your mindset in order to combine your visionary side with your entrepreneur side. As a true visionary entrepreneur you are ready to grow bigger, sometimes way past your comfort zone. 

Is your mindset holding you back from making the changes that you need to make in order to have the impact you want to have in the world? Do you want to touch more people and fulfill your dream?

Are you a world changer?
Do you have a strong personal vision?
Are you a creative risk-taker?

If you are interested in career coaching, leadership coaching, or general entrepreneurship coaching, please contact me and mention Parker Marker for a free consultation.



I would love to talk with you. If could be that just a small but powerful shift in your mindset is standing between you and your success. You are the kind of person I would love to work with. 


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visionary entrepreneur

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