Parker Marker Background

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I'm so happy you are here to read this. My name is Bennett Heyn and I am the owner of the Parker Marker Company. In 1992, my Grandpa noticed how it can be very difficult to find a car when it is parked in a big lot. So, he developed the very first Parker Marker. 26 years later, Parker Marker has become a re-established startup. The mission of the Parker Marker is to eliminate stress and the wasted time that comes from looking for your lost car by providing a individualized and fun parking solution.

The Parker Marker is a fun and unique way to find your car in a busy parking lot. You place the Parker Marker on your windshield or window and it sticks up above all the other cars. As you are walking back from an event, it is easy to spot your Parker Marker. We are offering customizable Parker Markers so you can express individuality and have a one-of-a kind product. We love customer satisfaction so please let us know what your thoughts are on the Parker Marker. The instagram username is @Parker_Marker so please give us a follow. We will have surveys and comment sections for customers to offer personalized feedback and testimonials. Thanks for being a loyal customer!


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